How An EHR Makes A World Of Difference

Imagine, sometime in the future, how great it will be when every doctor and patient will be using the power and convenience of the mobile EHR (and for you doc’s out there, imagine a mobile EHR that is simple, effective, and easy to use – but I digress).  I bring this up, because while on vacation in Hawaii a few years ago, I fell and was dragged on a reef that did some not so great things to my back as you might imagine.  Well, I was lucky enough to be near a fairly large clinic to get stitched up, but that is where the convenience factor ended. After filling out form after form in their waiting room, I was finally taken care of.  I know I’m offering just the patient’s point of view here, but the customer experience really is what is defining success for businesses – everyone knows it, right? So, let me paint the picture of going through a traumatic experience without the benefit of an EHR system.
I can’t think of anything more ridiculous than expecting someone who can barely move to fill out a full medical history, let alone being able to actually remember what medications they’re allergic to.  I can’t even remember my medication allergies on a good day to be honest with you.   During this process, it was all I could do to push through the burning pain I felt on my back and I worried if my wounds were infected, and how many stitches I would need. There had to be a better way to be taken care of – the whole waiting and filling out forms thing felt like torture and certainly not the way I’d imagined spending my vacation.
After filling out various, repetitive forms about family medical history (Most of which didn’t seem applicable to my current situation – Come on, why would my father’s history of diabetes affect my back being stitched up?) I was finally admitted and stitched up.  The actual stitching up process took less than 30 minutes.  In total, I spent over three hours trapped inside of the clinic.  I don’t know about you, but I went to Hawaii to enjoy the beaches, not the emergency clinics.
Maybe its just because I am exposed to products like drchrono, but looking back on this helpless, frustrating situation, I couldn’t help but imagine how greatly improved my experience as a patient would have been if this clinic would have utilized ANY sort of an EHR.  drchrono’s EHR offers simplistic, customizable, and intuitive design and holistic functionality for physicians to offer the ultimate patient experience.  By utilizing drchrono’s EHR, this clinic would have been able to onboard me with a few taps on an iPad instead of having me manually write out answers on forms (much more preferable of an action for someone in so much pain – and quicker too!). Additionally, if referral information was required that would have been easily accessible as well.
If you’re interested in providing the ultimate patient experience, consider the right tools to enable your practice to deliver that. drchrono’s EHR solution specializes in giving you access to the services and information you need to provide the highest quality care – don’t let processes and mechanics get in the way of your success – make every interaction you have with your patients an opportunity to educate, inspire, and build a connection towards better health.
For those of you vacationing near the beach this summer – watch out for the reefs!
Thank you for reading, keep an eye out for future posts!

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