EHR API Update

We have made an update to the drchrono API, more interesting data that can be leveraged with our EHR API!

To view the updated EHR API documentation you can go here, the docs are public.

One thing to note – transaction records are read-only.

Below are the fields that are now accessible –

`appointment` | integer | appointment id
`doctor` | integer | doctor id
`doctor_name` | string | doctor name
`billing_status` | string | one of `""`, `"Incomplete Information"`, `"In Process Emdeon"`, `"In Process iHCFA"`,
`"Rejected Emdeon"`, `"Rejected iHCFA"`, `"In Process Payer"`, `"Payer Acknowledged"`, `"Rejected Payer"`,
`"Paid in Full"`, `"Partially Paid"`, `"Coordination of Benefits"`, `"ERA Received"`, `"ERA Denied"`,
`denied_flag` | boolean |
`code` | string |
`description` | string |
`procedure_type` | string | one of `"CPT"`, `"HCPCS"`, `"Custom"`
`quantity` | number |
`units` | string | default is 'UN'
`edi_note` | string |
`modifiers` | list | list of 4 code modifiers
`diagnosis_pointers` | list | list of 4 diagnosis pointers
`price` | string | price of procedure
`billed` | string | total billed
`allowed` | string | amount allowed by insurance
`adjustment` | string | adjustment from total billed
`ins1_paid` | string | amount paid by patient's primary insurer
`ins2_paid` | string | amount paid by patient's secondary insurer
`ins3_paid` | string | amount paid by patient's tertiary insurer
`ins_total` | string | amount paid by patient's insurers
`pt_paid` | string | amount paid by patient
`paid_total` | string | total amount paid
`balance_ins` | string | insurance balance
`balance_pt` | string | patient balance
`balance_total` | string | total balance
`date` | timestamp | The starting time of the appointment
`location` | integer | office id

If you have questions, please email us with questions at


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