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You might be surprised to know that one out of five doctors in private practices uses an iPad already. But when you start thinking about it, such a thing makes a lot of sense. An iPad is infinitely less cumbersome than a laptop, not only physically but also in terms of applications. By their mere nature, iPad apps reduce the amount of effort that it takes to input data and have it processed.

And the only reason medical practices have not adopted iPads more widely is because there are not that many apps which have been built solely for them. But that is slowly changing. And apps like Dr. Chrono are here to point the way into tomorrow.

Generally speaking, this is an app that doctors can use to schedule patient appointments, take clinical notes and write prescriptions which can then be sent to pharmacies.

And just in case, Dr. Chrono can be accessed using a web interface. Leaving aside the process in which everything is inputted, the same kind of data can be recorded.

This application is all the more interesting because doctors are being actively encouraged to move to electronic records by the Obama administration. Well, Dr. Chrono will make such a transition a smoother one for everybody.

DrChrono.com In Their Own Words

DrChrono is a dynamic medical company that provides the core EHR platform, scheduling, patient reminders and billing system that every practices needs.

Why DrChrono.com It Might Be A Killer

An application like this one can reduce the amount of money spent on medical billing processes (IE, the one big concern for small practices).

Original article can be found at Killer Startups.

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