Create a Medical Practice Google+ Business Page

Google just released Pages for business in its Google+ social network.

There are a number of benfits to having a Google+ page for your medical practice, many are the same reasons for having Pages on facebook.

  • Direct connection to Googles search engine Through the use of the “+1” button, Google has tied Google+ directly to its search. There is also a feature currently under experimentation called “Direct Connect” that will allow searchers to find Google+ business pages directly from search.
  • Better audience segmentation  Google+ circles gives businesses a better way to segment audiences, which means messaging can become more relevant and timely.
  • Face-to-face connection with patients, employees, and the world The live, streaming video component of the platform, Hangouts, enables businesses to create live, virtual face-to-face connections with potential patients and others.

So how do you create a Google+ Page?

  1. Go to the Google+ Business Page and click the blue “Create Your Google+ Page” button
  2. Pick a relevant business category and add your information. The categories to choose from are: “Local Business or Place,” “Product or Brand,” “Company, Institution or Organization,” “Arts, Entertainment or Sports,” and “Other.”
  3. Add a tagline, upload a profile banner, click the “Continue” button and your page is created.
Once that’s done, Google+ gives you the opportunity to share the page with your circles. The post will come from the individual who set up the page, not the page itself. Check out the drchrono Google+ page when you have time!
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