Guided Access for OnPatient!

With the new iOS update comes an additional security feature that helps keep your patient info more secure. Guided Access can lock the iPad into a single app, so the user cannot get into anything else on the iPad. It restricts the user to one app by locking the home button and controlling which areas… Continue Reading

Amazon Kindle Fire EHR Patient Check-in App


Today we released the Amazon Kindle Fire EHR patient check-in app. We are the first healthcare platform to ever venture into using a Kindle Fire in a medical setting. You can download this version of the Kindle Fire app here. A high level video of the Kindle Fire in action – Our goal? To focus… Continue Reading

Patient check-in through iPad


In the future, most patients will be checking through tablets. This isn’t just going to happen in the healthcare industry, but it makes logical sense that it will be happening in hospitals and in smaller medical practices. This video shows the vision and the first version of what OnPatient is, we have more in the… Continue Reading