Obamacare & Your EHR

There are physicians who are asking what is Obamacare and how does it affect their medical practice. ObamaCare is the unofficial name for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which was signed into law on March 23, 2010. This video below describes what it is in about 5 minutes – So what is Obamacare?… Continue Reading

Update: New drchrono EHR for the iPad!

We’ve just released a new version of our iPad EHR! This update is packed with phenomenal new features that you and your staff are going to love! New Erx for faster and easier prescribing – Simple Lab ordering – Lab Results/Erx in Message Center – Meaningful Use Dashboard and Assistant – Tap Profile Picture to take photo – Pull… Continue Reading

Update: Meaningful Use Helper on EHR and Web!


You can now use our Meaningful Use Helper to attest for Meaningful Use! We’ve put our Meaningful Use Assistant on our iPad EHR and on the drchrono website to make it easier than ever to attest for Meaningful Use. Many of our doctors were asking for extra help in attesting, and we listened! drchrono will make sure… Continue Reading

Fork Over Knives: A Film that Can Save Your Life

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A while back, we informed you about the dangers of sugar and according to scientific studies, its correlation to the major killers in the US; mainly diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Now with this post, we invite you to watch for yourself this documentary that examines the various studies showing the correlation between an animal product… Continue Reading

6 Ways Health Care Reform Will Help Startups


In the middle of the economic crisis, small businesses are struggling to survive by keeping profits as well as diminishing costs. One of their greatest costs is healthcare, and in order to cope with this most choose not to offer insurance to their employees and still some had to make the hard decision of laying… Continue Reading

Rising Cost of Healthcare Around the World

Recently the Commonwealth Fund study compared 13 countries with the U.S., Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The Commonwealth Fund study found that in 2009 $8,000 per person was spent. When looking at other countries compared to the U.S.,  our health care spend is enormous. In the study,… Continue Reading

Why we die early

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America’s healthcare system stands out in the world for juxtaposition of two conflicting facts: it is the world’s most expensive healthcare system in a country with one of the developed world’s lower life expectancies. Many people ascribe this problem to inefficiencies in the system, economic forces, failure to ration care. However, there is a much… Continue Reading

Hot Dog Buns and Health Records

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The next time you’re at Costco ogling flat screens and buying a pallet of paper towels, you may also be surprised to learn that Costco members are now eligible to receive incentive pricing on a Costco-branded cloud-based electronic medical record. During my maiden voyage to Costco after arriving in the Bay Area,  I saw a… Continue Reading

How Football Ends


Like many in neuroscience, I’ve been thinking about the consequences of traumatic brain injury in football.  In thinking about this, I think I’ve figured out how American-style football will end.  I’m putting the over/under at about 10 years. The simple explanation of football is this: football is the optimal activity to put the maximum explosive energy… Continue Reading

EHR in the Year 2019

This video was put out my showing a concept of what we might see in the future of technology, super interesting. Our focus is to bring new technology like this to reality in healthcare. What do we call this, something like health X.0? Something totally new and interactive.