Dresden University: Using Google’s Search Engine Algorithms to Fight Cancer

 Can Google inspire the healthcare industry? With the recent loss of Steve Jobs by pancreatic cancer and the need for better diagnostic tools to detect disease in its early phases, Google’s proprietary PageRank algorithm inspired a new way to determine cancer stage and treatment. Researchers from Dresden University of Technology in cooperation with biotech company… Continue Reading

Eric Schmidt of Google on Healthcare Pandemic Flu Trends

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Eric Schmidt of Google talks about cloud computing and how Google can help in healthcare through search analysis trending. In Eric’s examples in this video he talks about rises in anonymous query trends alerting google about potential Pandemic, e.g.: Flu Trend queries. In these situations Google alerts the healthcare professionals when these query rises happen…. Continue Reading

Create a Medical Practice Google+ Business Page

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Google just released Pages for business in its Google+ social network. There are a number of benfits to having a Google+ page for your medical practice, many are the same reasons for having Pages on facebook. Direct connection to Googles search engine Through the use of the “+1” button, Google has tied Google+ directly to its… Continue Reading

3% to 5% of google search is health related

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According to Eric Schmidt, former CEO of google, 3% to 5% percent of google search’s are health related. That is people are trying to find information on health. This was mentioned in a talk, which is now posted on YouTube. Very interesting stuff, seeing how google sees how important getting search right is in healthcare…. Continue Reading

Why did Google Health Fail?


(Take this article with a grain of salt, it is just my perspective on Google Health.) Don’t get me wrong but Google is an amazing company. They understand hiring the best engineers, building the best search engine in the world and have extremely innovative email Gmail. Also Google had the vision, seeing what healthcare will… Continue Reading

Using Google Calendar with EHR.


We now allow physicians to view their DrChrono EHR platform schedule in a HIPAA compliant way in Google Calendar. We built this feature based on a hugh demand from our customers! Enjoy!