Introducing Luma Health

Today Luma Health is excited to announce a new partnership with drchrono. Everyday patients are waiting for appointments, everyday there are open appointments. Luma Health allows doctors and patients to connect sooner. drchrono users can now fill their appointment book and reduce staff time all while quickly getting patients to see their doctors. Our seamless… Continue Reading

Top 7 Healthcare, Fitness and Medical APIs & SDKs


Top 7 Healthcare, Fitness and Medical API’s & SDK’s There are a lot of innovative things happening in around healthcare, wearables, new insurance companies, ACOs, amazing new software and hardware; All with the goal of having a better healthcare experience. The healthcare system in the United States and around the world can be better. At… Continue Reading

Medical / Healthcare RESTful API – OAuth Single Sign-On

  Physician Single Sign-On In the United States, there are trillions of medical records transfers annually in diverse data formats from HL7, Direct Messaging, Blue Button, DiX12, NCPDP, CCD, CCDR and the list goes on. We are focusing on building a modern infrastructure for healthcare. There are also thousands of developers, companies and startups creating hardware focused on… Continue Reading

Healthcare Challenge – Open Source EHR Apps

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Healthcare Challenge – Open Source EHR Apps With all of the different APIs that are coming out I haven’t seen a medical records company but drchrono that uses OAuth in a production environment and an elegant Restful API. We are also a company that really embraces innovation and would love to see the Open Source… Continue Reading

APIs are the Key to Unlocking Better Healthcare

A developer is good. A bunch of developers can be great. The medical world needs a bunch of developers now more than ever. Specifically, APIs need to be more prevalent than they are. In the medical world, doctors all use an EMR (electronic medical record) software for their scheduling, billing, patient records etc. If it… Continue Reading

Healthcare EHR API Q&A

  A developer reached out to ask a few questions about our healthcare API, this is the email – Daniel, Thank you for personally working on granting me access to drChrono API. Here are a few observations 1. The inclusion of the YouTube Video and the steps are a great help. 2. It appears that… Continue Reading

EHR API Update

We have made an update to the drchrono API, more interesting data that can be leveraged with our EHR API! To view the updated EHR API documentation you can go here, the docs are public. One thing to note – transaction records are read-only. Below are the fields that are now accessible – `appointment` |… Continue Reading

Offer your patients electronic visits (e-visits)

We have another partner who has launched an app on the drchrono market place, the partner is AppMedicine, the makers of AppVisit. In today’s environment, you are expected to see patients efficiently and cost effectively while maintaining a high level of patient satisfaction. No easy task. With AppVisit, you can increase revenue, “virtually” extend your… Continue Reading

EHR Healthcare API Updated!

Many of our users have requested a number of data points be accessible via API, we are proud to announce the latest version of our API! ( If you haven’t signed up for the drchrono API you can do so here. All of our documentation can be found here. Also please keep up to date… Continue Reading

Box API Version 2


Hello drchrono users, We wanted to share some exciting news about box integration and drchrono with you. We have implemented Box’s newest API into drchrono, now, what does this mean? You are not going to visually see any changes so don’t worry you are not going to be required to learn an entirely different workflow…. Continue Reading