Breaking Down Information in Healthcare

Communication in hospitals can be a matter of life and death, yet many hospitals still use paper forms and outdated technologies to gather data and connect healthcare professionals. A new class of mobile technologies coupled with networked communication platforms are helping to reverse this trend by breaking down the silos that exist within the healthcare system, ensuring the free flow of patient records, diagnoses and other vital information between relevant members of staff.

This trend of Cloud-Powered Medical Records looks at new tools that help collect patient data and making it available to  relevant medical professionals as they collaborate assisting patients. This trend is part of the 13 trends featured in PSFK Labs’ Future of Health report; we’ve described some interesting examples from the trend below.


A startup from Menlo Park, CA called Tonic Health has developed a medical data collection platform that enables healthcare providers to make their own custom questionnaires, screeners, surveys and intake forms, easily deploying them on iPads. Patients can pick up an iPad to fill out any form needed. Once a form is completed, all of their digital information is sent securely to an existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) database. Switching from paper forms to an iPad interface can reduce question duplication, ensure higher response rates, collect more accurate data, reduce data input errors and create a more enjoyable intake process for patients all around. The platform is currently being implemented across University of California’s medical centers. Tonic found that 96% of patients prefer using tablet questionnaires over pen-and-paper, resulting in a 100% higher completion rate of forms and questionnaires, especially for follow up surveys that are completed after a visit. The system also decreases data error by 50%, making health decisions significantly more accurate and improving patient care across the enterprise.

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