Becoming a drchrono sales evangelist or account manager


So you want to do sales or account management at drchrono?

Things you should do before you meet us in person –

  1. Create a account on drchrono
  2. Watch all of the recent videos on drchronoTV
  3. Watch a video from Apple about drchrono
  4. Watch 45 minute recorded session on Note Building done by a drchrono Evangelist
  5. Join at least 1 daily demo and just shadow as a silent observer
  6. Stand out and make a video before you even come in (not required but it will impress us)

The history of drchrono and why we started, audio about us –

Some press you should read about us –

3 thoughts on “Becoming a drchrono sales evangelist or account manager

  1. Hi. I am located in Finland, EU. How can I get access to your demo app? Are you already doing business in EU? I am interested in importing / re-selling your products in EU, but I need to get the apps first to evaluate.

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