How to backup all records outside of drchrono


drchrono understands the importance of your patient records, and because of this we allow you to backup all of those records outside of drchrono’s platform.

You are able to backup your patient documents and locked clinical notes by using your box paid enterprise account, which you can learn how to by going here. (You must be on a paid box enterprise account to for your box backup to be HIPAA compliant.)

Box Complete Sync Connect_Box_account

You are also able to export out all of your patient demographics, and to learn how go here.

You are not only limited to those options though! drchrono offers a number of other options, and ways to export your patient’s data out as well. These options include patient medications, allergies, immunizations, problem lists, and HCFA forms. You are also able to export out all appointments with CPT and ICD 9 details, custom procedure codes, calendar appointments, and Meaningful Use reports. To learn how click here.

We here at drchrono value each and every one of our customers. You are the reason we work day in, and day out to bring you the best EHR on the market. We want to make sure you have the piece of mind knowing your data is 100% safe, and available to you no matter where life takes you.

Two great step by step articles on how to move medical records can be found here –

9 thoughts on “How to backup all records outside of drchrono

  1. Physicians must pay for the enterprise level of service to get to sign the required business associate agreement. This places an additional $105/month burden (3 user minimum I believe) on the physician/practice. I would like to see drchrono get to offer this at a significantly reduced price or have this enterprise membership included at no additional charge for drchrono members at the Promethius level or greater.

    • We are working with the box team to see if there is a way we can get a lower rate on drchrono plans that include enterprise versions of box. At the current moment you are correct, you need to also by an enterprise version of box.

      • Daniel, thanks for your reply. It’s great to know that your team is working on this. I hope you can work something out for us!

  2. I would also like to see a 1 user option. I am a single Doctor in my own practice and was very disappointed to find out I would have to pay an additional $100+ a month to have my data backed up. I would be happy to pay 1/3 of the price for 1 user vs. 3.

  3. I would echo what Dr. Schmidt has said. Dropbox is a better interface, in my opinion. The only reason I signed up for a Box account was the integration with drchrono. Very disappointed that doing so requires a significant additional monetary outlay.

  4. Hi, Daniel. We appreciate your responses. Can you please update us on the status of the negotiations? Are they even considering the prospect of a discount given the number of new users drchrono would supply them?

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