Enhancement: Appointment Status Automatically Changes After Patient Check In

Check-In App Now Indicates Patient Arrivals in Your Calendar

With the release of version 2.3.1 of our Patient Check-In App, a subtle but important change was made. Now, when your patient completes the check-in process with the app, your patient’s appointment status will change to ‘Arrived’ in your calendar for both the web and mobile versions of your drchrono EHR.


drchrono EHR/EMR Mobile Application

On the mobile app, an arrived patient will be indicated by a yellow circle surrounding your patient’s portrait and text that says ‘Arrived’ on the right of the appointment.

patient engagement check-in sample on drchono EHR mobile app


drchrono Web EHR

On your web EHR calendar view, an arrived appointment will have a small yellow ‘A’ indicator icon in the upper left hand corner like all your other appointment statuses.

practice management patient check-in notice calendar view on drchrono EMR app


With this update, you can quickly glance at your calendar to see which patients are ready to be seen. This feature is available now and functions only on the newest version of the drchrono Patient Check-In App. To download or update your Check-In App, please visit our iTunes store page here.


Interested in trying out drchrono? Contact our sales team for a free demo at (844) 569-8628 or email sales@drchrono.com.

Thomas Your, Retention Specialist, drchronoArticle by Thomas Your, Retention Specialist, drchrono

Thomas produces product content as part of the Customer Success team at drchrono. Thomas has been working in healthcare and technology since 2011 with a focus on data analysis in wearable medical devices. Thomas holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, minoring in Computer Engineering and Business Administration & Management.

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