New Feature: RCM Tasks Manager for Apollo Plus

New Feature: RCM Tasks Manager for Apollo Plus

Keep Payments Coming In

For Apollo Plus customers, we manage your claims for you and ensure that you get paid for your work. All that’s needed for you to do is to complete a few basic tasks. With the new RCM Tasks page in the drchrono EHR, you can easily view which tasks need to be completed and also communicate with your biller for tasks you may have questions on. With your tasks completed, sit back and watch your biller handle the rest.

Identify and Access Tasks

With RCM Tasks, you can view a list of patient charts that need action done. You can easily view and sign charts that you missed. Your biller can go through your charts and notify you of any additional work done as well as any write-offs that might happen.


There are four sections that you can identify tasks to do:

  1. Charts Not Signed: Displays all of the charts that were not signed and locked. Provides quick access to problematic charts.
  2. Write-off Requests: Allows billers to request write-off approval from you.
  3. Chart Related: Quick access to charts with chart problems such as those related to diagnoses, CPT codes, modifiers, documentation, and any additional information required.
  4. Patient Info Related: Lists all requests related to patient information related topics:  Eligibility, pre-coverage, post-coverage, coordination of benefits, non-covered charges, returned patient statements, etc.

Ask Questions to Your Biller

For each task that needs to be done, you can speak with your biller to ask any questions you may have. Here, your biller can respond to your questions and give you assistance or instructions. Both you and your biller may also attach files and view the specific claim this task refers to. When the task is done, you may mark the task as done to inform your biller that they may proceed with processing your claim.



Interested in trying out Revenue Cycle Management with a drchrono Apollo Plus plan? Contact our sales team at (844) 569-8628 or email

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