PRESS RELEASE: drchrono Demos iPad EHR and Glass Integration with Box at BoxWorks 2014

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 3, 2014) – This morning, Box co-founder and CEO, Aaron Levie, unveiled Box for Industries, at BoxWorks, the company’s annual user conference. Box for Industries is a suite of enterprise content collaboration solutions aimed at transforming how businesses across verticals work with information. As part of Box’s effort to build tailored offerings in healthcare, drchrono demonstrated how its iPad and Glass app integrates with the Box platform.

drchrono has been a Box platform integration partner for more than three years, enabling mobile access and care coordination of patient data. As part of the BoxWorks showcase on healthcare, Michael Nusimow, CEO of drchrono, demonstrated how drchrono’s iPad app and Glass app integrate with the Box platform, highlighting how a doctor wearing Google Glass, can record a patient examination, send that content to drchrono where it becomes part of the patient’s medical record and then is synced on Box for further patient and doctor coordination.

“Allowing doctors to find easier ways for data capture during patient consultations is the next wave of innovation in healthcare,” said Missy Krasner, managing director, healthcare and life sciences at Box. “drchrono was one of the first cloud-based mobile electronic healthcare records and now they will be one of the first wearable health records.”

Nusimow also highlighted some of the new Box API features including metadata, which allows Box users to preview the metadata associated with synced documents into Box like clinical notes or medical images (e.g. patient name, date of imaging study, etc.). Box also shows whether a document or image was shared with a patient or another provider and the document tags associated with it.

drchrono was one of Box’s first healthcare partner integrations, enabling physician customers to sync all their EHR data in Box as a secure backup and to enable medical record handoff to patients or other doctors.

“We have worked with Box for some time now as an early platform partner, but this latest integration with our native iPad app, Glass App, and Box’s new metadata API is a real testament to how cloud-based interoperability can make patient data more liquid and easier to collect, store and move,” said Michael Nusimow.

About drchrono drchrono creates the best EHR experience for physicians and their patients; the platform was built for the iPad, iPhone, Glass and cloud and has impacted over 65,000+ physicians and 3.7 million patients to date. They were the first to implement medical speech-to-text, real-time patient eligibility checks and iPad-based medical billing. This year, drchrono was added to the Inc 500 list of fastest growing companies in America. Investors include Yuri Milner, Runa Capital, Rock Health, Box, and Y Combinator amongst others.

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