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The other day, after getting off the phone with another new drchrono customer, I was completely blown away.  This new customer was apprehensive about joining our service because she was treated so poorly by her now former EHR company. She is just one of many customers I have dealt with who have gone through this type of experience. Believe it or not, this company (which shall not be named) had the audacity to charge her upwards of $11,000.  That’s right, there’s no typo there.  This company actually thinks it is okay to charge their exiting customers absurd amounts of money to simply take THEIR OWN data with them.  What?!  Are you kidding?  This type of business practice (or lack there of) really fires us up at drchrono.  We believe in giving you what is yours, without any hassle.

Why do other EHR companies need to charge thousands of dollars to take what is yours?

Simple: They are greedy and have no reason to do so.  A benefit of switching to drchrono is we do not charge you anything to take what is yours.  By partnering with Box, we provide all of our paid users a HIPAA secure cloud storage plan they can use to take their data with if they choose to leave, and we do that for pennies on the dollar.  Our comprehensive data storage is the most secure in the business, good luck trying to hack into that.

How long does it take to extract my data from drchrono?

Within three mouse clicks, you are able to effortlessly upload your data to your own Box account.  How easy is that?  Other companies require you to walk on water to take your own data with you.

How drchrono’s data extraction different from other EHR offerings?

At drchrono, we don’t have attachment issues, we let you go whenever you need to and allow you to easily, and effortlessly take what is yours.  I have also heard horror stories from our customers of when they left their old EHR company, they simply kept all of their data.  These other EHR companies actually think it is okay to hold your data hostage.  We don’t believe in keeping hostages, so if you come on board with us, we will always give you back what is yours, without any awkward negotiation.

Thank you and please feel free to comment and ask questions, I would love to hear from you!



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