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Press | Mobile EHR drchrono Releases its First Medical Billing App

“Traditionally, medical billers have been locked to their desks in order to figure out the status of medical claims. To solve this, mobile EHR provider for physicians, drchrono has just released its medical billing app for the iPad that will allow medical billers to view claims and review billing statuses right from their mobile device.” You can read the full article at HIT Consultant.

PRESS | New medical billing app from drchrono

On Wednesday, drchrono launched what it touts as the first medical billing and business intelligence app designed specifically for the iPad. You can read the fulla rticle on Healthcare IT News.

New Features & Enhancements – Nov’15

Here are this month’s enhancements and new features. Scheduling Custom Vitals: you can now create custom vitals which enable you to create vital fields unique to your practice and specialization in addition to the standard health measures such as blood pressure, temperature and pulse.  Billing Upload ERA: if the insurance is not contracted with one of our clearing houses, you will have the option download ERAs from their portal. You can upload these ERAs into […]

Reducing Customer Effort

What is customer effort?  To me, customer effort is the measure of how difficult it is for customers to obtain the information they need in order to be successful with a company or a specific product.  Have you ever done business with a company that does not value customer effort?  I have and it was the most frustrating, belittling experience yet.  This said company is a subscription box service that provides monthly coffee samples.  Now, […]

EHR Urgent Care API Partner NextPatient

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with NextPatient. NextPatient’s free tools integrate with drchrono through the API and allow doctors to show their wait times and open appointments right on the front page of their websites. This is perfect for Urgent Care Clinics. The team is willing to put the times right on your website for free! This is an example of what they can put on your site: NextPatient was recently in this […]

Clinical EHR Medical Records iFrame API

Janet Wager from Programmable Web wrote a great article talking about the launch of our Clinical EHR Medical Records iFrame API. To give you a bit more light on how the “Clinical iFrame API” works I listed a bunch of examples right below. One example, we now can place‘s new DICOM viewer right into the medical record via an iFrame: Also within the physicians inbox, a message can be placed from another developer via an […]

Announcing CrowdMed Partnership with drchrono via Medical API

by Jared Heyman CrowdMed Founder & CEO I started CrowdMed in 2012 to harness “the wisdom of crowds” to solve even the world’s most difficult medical cases online. This mission is near to my heart, because my own sister spent 3 years with a chronic, undiagnosed medical condition that nearly killed her. I saw first-hand the inadequacies that exist in today’s medical system when it comes to helping patients with undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or underdiagnosed medical […]

New Features & Enhancements – Oct’15

Clinical Smart Fields: In your templates, you can transform a switch field as a smart field by checking “smart field” and you can link all relevant fields to the “smart field” by selecting it as the parent field. This will enable you to show or hide the relevant fields by turning the parent field on or off. Two Column Text Fields: In your templates, you can set a free text field as a “two column field” which […]

Learn how to convert from ICD-9 to ICD-10

    Learn how to convert from ICD-9 to ICD-10.   At drchrono we want to make the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 as seamless as possible. We have enhanced the medical platform with a free conversion tool that allows you to update ICD codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10 with ease. The coverter tool can be found in our iPad EHR and our Web platform. You can keep past appointments coded in ICD-9 or you […]