Product / Procedure Medical Code Search Added


You asked for it and now we have it! Many of our medical billers and users of the medical billing center asked for a good way to filter for specific billing codes, now you can search for any type of billing code and filter just that code out within the Product / Procedure section within the web portion of the drchrono platform.

ICD-9 2014 and HCPCS 2014 Codes

Does your Electronic Medical Records Platform have the latest medical codes in it? If you are using drchrono, the answer is yes. We have updated the ICD-9 and HCPCS codes for 2014 within the drchrono platform. The best way to find these codes is to simply look them up when entering codes during patient encounters on the patient schedule, they will be there! We will be ready for ICD-10 when it comes out. But for your […]

Diagnostic Laboratory Services or DLS Labs is Now Live!

We have been getting a number of requests from physicians about working the third party labs. This week we are proud to announce that we have successfully integrated with DLS Labs or Diagnostic Laboratory Services, the lab company based out of Hawaii! The integration currently is for results only labs. If your a physician based out of Hawaii and you want labs contact our sales team at, we can get this turned on for you right […]

Insurance Patient Eligibility Primary & Secondary Checking

We are proud to announce that we now have insurance patient eligibility for secondary insurance. Now you can do an insurance eligibility checks for BOTH primary and secondary insurance. So if a patient has coverage from two insurance companies you can now easily check both from the web. We are also working on getting secondary eligibility checking into our mobile apps, on iPad and iPhone. We do have primary eligibility checking on iPad and iPhone. […]

Send patient referrals for free from physician to physician

Now within drchrono you can send a patient to another physician for free via email or fax machine. It is super easy and works like a charm. The goal is to allow any practice to send medical records from any practice to any practice. Simply select the patient from the Outbound Referrals section within drchrono’s “messages” and wala the patient info is transferred to the physician that needs the medical information, you will need to have […]

Will Open EMR Die? Will Open Source Medical Software Survive?

When we started drchrono, we contemplated using open source software to build the company. We thought about running instances of Open EMR for medical practice clients. The idea was great in concept, we would become the “Red Hat” like company to the EMR world. There were and still are other companies doing this and it looked like a viable option at the time. Showing our first paying users Open EMR to see if it would […]

Healthcare API & App Store

This article was written by Daniel Kivatinos and Sohaib Shaikh. It’s the moment that all of you developers have been waiting for as we finally unveil our API. With this API you guys have the opportunity to develop applications that could move health-care from a physician’s office to a patient’s home. You can develop apps to collect patient-reported or continuous monitoring data–a task that has been extremely difficult to do given how highly regulated the […]

How to create medical macros, keyword shortcuts in iOS 7

One secret that iOS has that is great and can be applied to achieve faster typing is macros. Typing something like “corneal laceration of the left eye” can take a few minutes. You may have only a couple of seconds to achieve it with doing rounds. The Shortcuts feature in iOS 7 is a gift for things like that. Here’s how to make it work for you. Apple start you off with a couple of Shortcuts […]

Apple 5s Bio Metric Healthcare Credentialing

Healthcare Credentialing Possible with the iPhone 5s? Now that the new iPhone 5s is out, I can tell you there is something that makes it truly unique, it is the bio-metric login and credentialing ring on the new phone. Apple iPhone 5c, Why is this a game changer? Simple, you don’t have to type a pin code into your iPhone to login. Not only that, payments via the iTunes app store will be using the […]

Digitizing Patient Education & Point of Care Exams

You can use the form builder for other things other then just putting your intake forms and your medical forms onto an iPad. You can also use the form template building technology for – Patient education material Visual exams Patient  Education Material  If you hand out paper materials to patients you can also have a copy on your iPad to review with them, so if they have questions about the paper material you can review the material […]