November 2014: New Features List

 Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements:


  • When the provider has multiple patients with similar names or email addresses, a new field for date of birth helps you identify the correct patient when scheduling appointments.



  • When creating or customizing your templates, you can easily copy the fields from one template to another template or within the template using the clipboard.



  • Timely Filing Warning: You can set up a timely filing limit for each of your insurance claims. Our system will show you a warning in the live claims feed if the claim is about to cross or has crossed the filing limit.
  • In the live claims feed, you can view when a claim was submitted electronically to insurance the first and last time.

Message Center:

  • When you assign a task to another staff or provider, our system will show them an unread message. This allows them to keep track of which tasks they have completed and which still need to be done.
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  • When setting up a fax cover sheet, you can choose whether the practice group or provider name shows up on the sheet.


drchrono COO, Daniel Kivatinos, and CEO, Michael Nusimow, made Stony Brook University’s 40 Under 40!


PRESS RELEASE: drchrono Named One of Fastest Growing Companies in Silicon Valley

Mountain View, CA – November 17, 2014. Each year, the Silicon Valley Business Journal compiles a list of the top 50 fastest growing private companies in the valley. This year, drchrono’s high rate of growth, approximately 675%, earned them fourth place on the list. “We are really pleased with this growth,” said Michael Nusimow, co-founder and CEO of drchrono, “it’s nice to know that we built something that doctors want and appreciate.” drchrono’s award winning […]

Top 10 Must Haves for the Modern Doctor

Doctors have an abundance of patient-facing software and hardware solutions; while the variety is welcomed, it is sometimes hard to figure out what is best for one’s practice. As the Co-Founder of an EHR company, I’ve come across a series of modern practice set-ups and have found some similarities in the toolkits or “black bags” of some of the most efficiently run medical offices. Based on my meetings with hundreds of physicians, here’s some tips […]

iPad’s have found a solid niche in health care | Venture Beat

Apple has been talking a lot lately about the usefulness of the iPad in vertical markets, and the health care vertical might benefit from the device most of all. iPads are already very popular with physicians, who use them for everything from viewing medical images to entering notes in an electronic patient record (EHR). At VentureBeat’s HealthBeat conference Tuesday, Drchrono‘s Daniel Kivatinos, Direct Dermatology’s Dr. Angela Walker, and Michelle Snyder discussed the use of mobile technology like the iPad and […]

drchrono in the Top 5 Growing Companies in the Silicon Valley

After four months of waiting, Michael Nusimow had finally gotten his sick father in to see a specialist. The thick manila envelopes stuffed with his dad’s lengthy medical records and 20 drug prescriptions had been a barrier in advancing his care. To cut down on paperwork pain, this doctor used electronic medical records, but Nusimow, who designed software at Bloomberg, wasn’t impressed by the system — and not just because of the archaic technology it […]

October 2014: New Features List

Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements: Patients: View Lab Results: Patients now have the ability to view their Quest and Labcorp results through the onPatient portal. Share Superbill: Providers have the ability to share a Superbill with their patient through the onPatient portal. Patients can see the super bill in their onPatient messages section. Within a practice group, our support team can set a particular provider as a “supervising provider.” The supervising provider […]

drchrono in VentureBeat – How Big Data is Changing Medicine

The face of medical care is rapidly changing thanks to major advancements in the capture, proliferation, and analysis of medical data. Technologies like the electronic health records (EHRs) and personal health records (PHRs) are drastically improving the way data is aggregated and shared. Now the hope is that big data analytics will help to make sense of seemingly endless streams of medical information. As many doctors are painfully aware, outcome-oriented care is no longer a […]

Host Company Highlight: City of Palo Alto, Instart Logic and drchrono

City of Palo Alto NewCo connects with the mayor’s office in every city on the global tour. Our festival, with access to leaders in their native environments as a core principle, is a perfect medium for furthering the public-private partnership that is so important to the success of a modern city. In each city on the NewCo tour we ask the mayor to speak at the VIP kickoff reception, and we often include city hall in our […]

drchrono founders Daniel & Michael on American Dreams

drchrono founders Daniel & Michael on American Dreams on AM1220 KDOW, listen here:

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