PRESS | TECHCRUNCH | 11 Apple Watch Health Apps That Will Get You Moving

“Physicians who use the iOS app can already pull up a patient’s medical information and use an iPad to send the bill. The Apple Watch app helps medical professionals see chat messages from their clinic colleagues reminding them to wrap up their visit and see their schedule without it looking like they are ignoring the patient and playing with their phone. They can also use the app to respond privately to patient text messages and view patient information on their wrist.”


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What is an Electronic Medical Record or EMR?

An electronic medical record is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. It encompasses the medical and treatment history of the patient in one provider’s office. Specifically, it can contain patient contact information, vitals, prescriptions, allergies, past medical history and more. In some cases, an EMR is also known as Electronic Health Record (EHR). The introduction of electronic medical records was designed to increase the efficiency and reduce documentation errors by streamlining the office […]

Medical / Healthcare RESTful API – OAuth Single Sign-On

  Physician Single Sign-On In the United States, there are trillions of medical records transfers annually in diverse data formats from HL7, Direct Messaging, Blue Button, DiX12, NCPDP, CCD, CCDR and the list goes on. We are focusing on building a modern infrastructure for healthcare. There are also thousands of developers, companies and startups creating hardware focused on healthcare IoTs and software for medical practices. Today I wanted to focus on one topic, the single sign-on. Developers can leverage our […]

PRESS | MM&M | Apple Watch Changes the Health Wearables Game

“After months of speculation and hype, the Apple Watch has finally arrived. What are some first impressions? How does it compare with other watches, bands and wearables? How will it impact the digital health landscape? (By the way, if you are reading this review for information on how to deliver your one-way banner ads brand messages via Apple Watch, you’re already missing the point.)” The rest of the article can be read on Medical Marketing & Media. 

PRESS | mHEALTHNEWS | Is the Apple Watch a Pioneer or Pinata?

“So the Apple Watch is the cool new toy that everyone wants to have. And that’s why the Mayo Clinic, WebMD, drchrono and a host of other healthcare entities are using it. It’s a popular new form factor. But beyond the early adopters and those who can afford to shell out that much money for a smartwatch, will it catch on with the public to the point that it can be used as an effective […]

PRESS | PROGRAMMABLEWEB | drchrono-QueueDr Shows How APIs Will Transform Healthcare

“QueueDr is an application that automatically fills canceled appointments in less than a minute without any action required by physician staff or any downloads by patients. When an office cancels an appointment, QueueDr automatically sorts through a list of patients, selecting a very small group from the list. The application then sends a text to each patient to offer the canceled appointment. The first patient to text back gets to take the canceled appointment and […]

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Learn Apple Watch Medical Records in 6 Minutes

Apple Watch is officially out and people are starting to get them! I recommend after getting your Apple Watch to watch the training below, it will give you an good idea on how to use Apple Watch and some of its features. Apple Watch is a must get for physicians, it will help save you time and will give you daily insights into your practice. You can now see information very quickly on your wrist, […]

PRESS | HEALTH DATA MANAGEMENT| New Apple Watch App Aids Care Coordination

“Ambulatory software vendor drchrono has introduced a mobile app to enable some basic electronic health record information to be displayed on an Apple Watch. The company sells an EHR along with practice management software and outsourced billing services. Clinicians are the target audience for the app and functions include a snapshot of the schedule, short messages such as reminders sent by staff members, messaging with patients, and viewing refill requests and lab results.” The original […]

PRESS |iHEALTHBEAT| Experts Question Security Standards of Apple Watch App Developers

“Developers Work To Create Apps Mobile application developers anticipate the smartwatch will be popular among consumers and have created health-related apps to use on the devices. According to MobiHealthNews, the Apple AppStore contains 264 health and fitness-related Apple Watch apps, including: 13 related to medication adherence; 13 related to tracking fertility or pregnancy; and 12 related to tracking hydration (Comstock, MobiHealthNews, 4/27). In addition, some apps will be geared toward health care providers, such as […]

PRESS | NPR | Health Apps Hop on the Apple Watch

“Some app developers hope that doctors will flock to buy the Apple Watch to help them manage an overload of patient information. “Doctors are finally getting amazing hardware that just works, and they’re willing to pay a premium for it,” said Daniel Kivatinos, cofounder of Drchrono, an electronic medical record company. Using Drchrono’s app for the watch, a doctor can receive alerts, such as when a patient has arrived at their office.” The original article […]