2 thoughts on “Mayo Patient Education Material

  1. 1. It would be VERY valuable to be able to share Mayo Clinic Patient Education material from the iPad app while you are in the room with the patient.

    2. Do you have a catalog or listing of the Mayo Clinic resources, as opposed to having to search for each topic individually?

    3. Is there a way to “tag” our “favorite” patient education materials for easier access?


    • 1. You can pull up the Mayo from your pad while in the room. Just press the little 3bar thingy in upper rh corner and Mayo is about 2/3-way down. It pulls it up right in the document and you can either show them or send it to the pt as well.
      2. I don’t know about catalog or listing, but I’ve noticed that searching for hyperten.. doesn’t work as well as htn.
      3. When the info is open select the square with arrow shooting out of it and it gives you the option to set as favorite.

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