Manual Entries of Labs



drchrono currently has bi-directional capabilities with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. drchrono also provides uni-directional capabilities with Diagnostic Laboratory Services but we also now have manual lab entries for the lab orders and results from lab companies that are not connected to drchrono as of yet. You can go to the patients chart under the Lab Orders section to add a manual entry to track the order and results.

Lab Orders within drchrono


If your lab company has not yet integrated with drchrono, be sure to get them on our list for integration! You can go here to do so. Our goal is to roll out an API connection for all lab companies to connect into drchrono.

Watch the video below to learn more:


4 thoughts on “Manual Entries of Labs

  1. Problem with manual entry is that if you do not have a LOINC code for the lab the manual entry will only show “N/A” for the lab name and the only way to see what the lab is would be to click on “edit” for each manual entry in order to see the description of the lab entered. THIS FEATURE NEEDS SOME IMPROVEMENT – SPECIFICALLY NOT REQUIRING THE LOINC CODE FOR THE LABS FOR MANUAL ENTRY AND HAVING THE NAME OF THE LAB THAT WAS TYPED IN TO SHOW IN THE LIST WITHOUT HAVING TO CLICK THE EDIT BUTTON

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