Send patient referrals for free from physician to physician


Now within drchrono you can send a patient to another physician for free via email or fax machine. It is super easy and works like a charm. The goal is to allow any practice to send medical records from any practice to any practice.

Simply select the patient from the Outbound Referrals section within drchrono’s “messages” and wala the patient info is transferred to the physician that needs the medical information, you will need to have the email address or fax number of the doctor, be sure to add that to your Referral address book first. You can even select specific sections of the medical record to send and only send that information.

Here are the steps to the “referral engine” within drchrono –
Step 1 to EHR Patient Referrals

Step 2 to EHR Patient Referrals

Step 3 to EHR Patient Referrals

Watch this video to see how its done.

3 thoughts on “Send patient referrals for free from physician to physician

  1. We have been having a TON of issues with this on the non-user end. The offices on the non user end are now saying they won’t accept our digital referrals anymore. Every time they receive one from us and enter the PIN they get a blank page. This is most like a pop up blocker problem on their end, but since I am not their IT guy, and i don’t want to go around town fixing things so I can send referrals, I am asking the drchrono team to find a solution. we are back to generating, printing, faxing, then shredding. 🙁

  2. We have been having trouble with sending referrals, particularly those which are accompanied by anything more than a handful of attachments. The prompt states to check the outbound referrals screen, but the fax never arrives to the intended recipient and there is no evidence it was sent in the outbound referrals section. This has become a big time waster, as we end up having to play phone tag with the intended recipient and find workarounds to fax individual notes and documents. We’ve been working with tech support and have even demonstrated the problem to them via screen shares. This, to our dismay, has not been fruitful. We consistently get the same answer: our developers have not been able to replicate the problem. The issue has been ongoing for at least a year. Please help us fix this bug as soon as possible!

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