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8 Google Glass Business Apps Changing the World

1. Warehouse management E-fulfilment firm Active Ants, which ships products for 50 online stores, has developed an order-picking App for Google Glass, which it says has helped its staff pick up online orders faster. The Netherlands-based company gave Google Glass, along with a custom-built stock app, to its warehouse workers in May. Initial results showed that it reduced error rates by 12% and an increased stock picking speed by 15%. 2. The Military Soldiers on […]

Google Glass + EHR = A Winning Combo

mHealth advocates have been debating for some time whether Google Glass will offer meaningful value to physicians, or if it will be just another high-tech toy that fades away when doctors can’t fit it into their workflow. With the recent news that Google Glass is now integrating with an EHR, that argument has just been kicked up a notch. Drchrono, the Mountain View, Calif.-based developer of a free EHR platform that can be accessed via […]

drchrono Featured in Time Magazine!

Google’s face-computer may be coming soon to a doctor’s office near you Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are about to get a new tool in the medicine bags: Google Glass. Drchrono, a digital health startup, claims to have created the first “wearable heath record” that can be accessed through Google’s futuristic face-computer. Doctors can use the app to store patients’ records as well as record medical visits and even procedures via Glass’ camera for consulting […]

Connect Medical Billing Payers via the Electronic data interchange enrollment ( EDI )

You can enroll to submit medical claims and bill health insurance companies electronically within the drchrono platform via the electronic data interchange enrollment ( EDI ). In doing this you can submit claims electronically to any insurance company to get paid. Want to know more about EDI? Electronic data interchange ( EDI ) is an electronic communication system that provides standards for exchanging data via any electronic means. By adhering to the same standard, two […]

Breaking Down Information in Healthcare

Communication in hospitals can be a matter of life and death, yet many hospitals still use paper forms and outdated technologies to gather data and connect healthcare professionals. A new class of mobile technologies coupled with networked communication platforms are helping to reverse this trend by breaking down the silos that exist within the healthcare system, ensuring the free flow of patient records, diagnoses and other vital information between relevant members of staff. This trend […]

When Will Medical Professionals

Steve Jobs famously said that “laptops are like trucks. They’re going to be used by fewer and fewer people. This transition is going to make people uneasy.” Will this be true in healthcare? The evolution has been quick: We’ve gone from mainframes to mini computers to desktops and servers seemingly in the blink of an eye. Now we’re using laptops, tablets and smartphones – or traveling with just a tablet and smartphone. Mobile is the most under-hyped trend […]

drchrono Team Sees Health IT Incubators as Innovation

Entrepreneur Daniel Kivatinos praises the health ITaccelerator/incubator movement. Innovations in the healthcare IT investment world today are nothing short of “sort of a new Renaissance,” helping firms like his get established and grow, he says. Kivatinos and his five-person company have reason to praise the incubator movement. Incubators have been very, very good to him. Indeed, his positive experiences could serve as an encouraging road map for other healthcare IT providers wondering if incubators can help […]

drchrono – Use our API to Help Us Fix Healthcare

Above: DrChrono’s founders Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos Health care is a massive market opportunity for any developer — and yet, only about 1.3 percent of the application programming interfaces (APIs) on ProgrammableWeb are associated with clinical services. In Mountain View. Calif, a company called DrChrono announced today that it has opened up its API so developers can take advantage of its massive network of 53,000 physicians and 2.6 million patients and build new health applications. The company will vet the best […]

drchrono Launches First EHR App That Leverages AirDrop

drchrono Inc., the creator of a free Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform on the iPad, iPhone and cloud, recently releases its new application for iOS7. This is the first mobile EHR to support Apple’s new iOS7 operating system. drchrono’s free mobile EHR app allows doctors to connect with patients and run their practice, which includes sharing medical records, electronic prescribing, medical billing, and patient management, all from the iPad. It will now support the iOS7 […]

drchrono on NBC – Released on iOS 7

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