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Digitizing Patient Education & Point of Care Exams

You can use the form builder for other things other then just putting your intake forms and your medical forms onto an iPad. You can also use the form template building technology for – Patient education material Visual exams Patient  Education Material  If you hand out paper materials to patients you can also have a copy on your iPad to review with them, so if they have questions about the paper material you can review the material […]

Export A CSV File For A Specific List of Patient Demographics

A question I have been getting a lot lately is, “How can I export a list of specific patients and their demographics?” Right now the standard functionality of drchrono is that you can export your entire list of patient demographics but exporting a short list of patients isn’t that obvious.  This functionality is very useful if you are separating from a practice group and need just your set of patients, you need a list for internal purposes […]

Billing Profile Tab Released!

Our previous Billing Profile solution caused a lot of confusion so we have released a simpler solution. Your Billing Profiles are now easier to access than ever! Simply go to your drchrono EHR account, click on ‘Schedule,’ then go to the ‘Billing Profiles’ tab and start creating your Billing Profiles. Keep track of them all in one place. Watch this video to learn how you can create your own Billing Profiles today!

Notice Regarding: iPad 1

Hello Doctors! I wanted to give you an important update regarding the first generation iPad (iPad 1.)  As of now, we will no longer be supporting iOS 5 devices (i.e. iPad 1.)  The amount of users who are still using an iPad 1 have become marginal, as Apple has been releasing iPads that are more efficient and technologically updated. Our team will be focusing on our newest products, which are compatible with iOS 6.1 and up. This […]

Creating Custom Demographic Fields

You can create custom demographic fields for your patients by following this easy do-it-yourself video.

How to Send Workers Compensation Claims Electronically With Clinical Notes

You can now send worker’s compensation claims electronically with your clinical notes.

Create Custom Procedure Codes

You can create your own custom procedure codes by following this simple how-to, created by our Support Specialists.  Use these codes to bill patients for special services or products available at your practice.  

Printing Multiple HCFA Forms With Just One Click

Printing multiple HCFA forms is simple and can be done with just one click.  Check out our video for a how-to from our Support Specialists.  

You Asked, We Listened – Updates Notification Feature Released!

We highly value our customer’s feedback and when enough of them let us know that we needed to provide better communication when new features were released, we listened and started working on a way to notify everyone all at once and in real-time.  This new feature allows us to regularly update you about new features so that you always know what is new with drchrono. Introducing our Updates Notification Feature.  Once we release major features, doctors […]

EHR Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search enables you to locate active and inactive patients by: -Name -Phone number It also enables you to: -Search for patient groups -Search for menu and tool functions. Here’s a secret trick: If you type in a name and do not find the patient you are looking for, simply put a comma after the name and a list of patient groups and menu and tools will populate so that you can easily navigate into […]