Update: Appointment Profiles!


We’ve added the highly sought after “Appointment Profiles!” You can now create and assign appointment profiles to individual patients. To do this, first select “Appointment Profiles” from the “Schedule” tab. From here, you’ll be able to create multiple Appointment Profiles. On this page, you can name your profile, select the color you want associated with… Continue Reading

Update: New OnPatient App in the Apple App Store!

We’re pleased to announce a new OnPatient app to complement our EHR! Please download the latest version of OnPatient and start using all the great new features! The app was designed with the retina display in mind, so the it looks extra sharp on the new iPad! The Onboarding process allows you to collect all… Continue Reading

Update: Adding a Consent Form to iPad Patient Check-in App OnPatient

We’ve added the functionality to add custom consent forms to your onboarding process. How to do this? 1. Go to the “Patients” tab on your drchrono page. 2. Select “OnPatient” from the drop down list. 3. In the “Add a new custom consent form” section: -Add the title of your consent form. -Select whether the form is… Continue Reading

Coal Miner’s Doctor?


Occupational and Environmental Medicine is a specialty where physicians are responsible for the health of workers. While your average office cubicle dweller doesn’t usually think twice about workplace health hazards, those in mining, manufacturing, and the military have good reason to be concerned. Typically an occupational health record and a medical record take two completely… Continue Reading

Native iPad Application Lets Patients Do Own Onboarding


We are a technology company located in the heart of Silicon Valley dedicated to bringing innovative product and design to our nation’s healthcare system. Currently we offer four points of access to our platform: 1) Web-Based Practice Management/Billing Software found on drchrono.com 2) Native EHR Application for the iPad found in the Apple App Store… Continue Reading