New Features: September 2018 Product Updates

At DrChrono we aim to provide frequent updates because we know provider needs continue to grow as well. This last month we have been hard at work on many features, and we are excited to announce some new features in this month’s edition of our product newsletter. Here’s what’s included in this month’s product update:… Continue Reading

New Feature: Online check in status and other appointment status improvements

Improvements to Appointment Statuses We’re excited to announce that this week that two improvements have been made to appointment statuses: a new automatically set appointment status and better color coding on the iPad. New Appointment Status: Checked In Online We welcome the arrival of a new appointment status: ‘Checked In Online’. This appointment status indicates… Continue Reading

Enhancement: Improvements to onpatient Payment Reporting

New Layout, New Functionality As of this week, the onpatient Payments feature has been completely reworked with a brand new design. Our previous onpatient Payments page had limited functionality and showed only the most recent ten payments (click here to see the old version). With this update, two tabs are available: ‘Payments’ and ‘Deposits’. While a payment describes… Continue Reading

Update: Patient Online Scheduling

Tracking Code & Online Scheduling Doctors wanted to track where patients are coming from, well now you can! With the addition to the platform, you can now add your Google Analytics tracking code to your online schedule! Go here, pick an office and add your Google Analytics Tracking code now! How to use Google Analytics… Continue Reading

drchrono Enters Patient Portal Business as Google Health Shuts Down

Drchrono has announced that it has redesigned its OnPatientapplication as a personal health record portal as Google Health shuts down access as of Jan. 1, 2013. The company offers an electronic health record (EHR) application for the iPad. With OnPatient, Drchrono will now be able to link both its physician EHR applications and a patient portal…. Continue Reading

As Google Health Flatlines, drchrono Picks Up the Slack

When Google Health first went live in 2008, the service held a lot of promise for people looking for a reliable and convenient way of centralizing their health records, and then matching them up with other resources like drug information and doctor databases. But when, in 2011, Google decided to shutter the service after it didn’t pick up enough… Continue Reading

Guided Access for OnPatient!

With the new iOS update comes an additional security feature that helps keep your patient info more secure. Guided Access can lock the iPad into a single app, so the user cannot get into anything else on the iPad. It restricts the user to one app by locking the home button and controlling which areas… Continue Reading

Secure Messaging through!


Have you wanted to send your patients a message about lab results, a question about symptoms they’re experiencing, or a reminder to follow the plan you set for them? Now you can! With secure messaging through, you can send your patients a message and even attach a pdf along with it! Your patients can… Continue Reading

Update: New OnPatient and EHR for Android!


Check out our updated OnPatient and EHR app for Android! The newest app updates feature our latest API and are faster than ever! The new OnPatient app for Android! Try it out and let us know what you think; we always welcome suggestions!