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PRESS|TECHNOLOGY ADVICE| Expert Interview: How The Right Technology Enhances the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Michael Nusimow, the CEO & founder at Drchrono, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on their leading EHR iPad app. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders. Nusimow joined Buckner to discuss what makes Drchrono stand out from the competition, the importance of protecting the patient-to-provider relationship, and the company’s unique approach […]

PRESS | FIERCEMOBILEIT |Apple Watch App from drchrono Gives Doctors Use Case for New Tech

  “Medical tech startup drchrono announced Monday it will release an Apple Watch electronic health record (EHR) app for physicians on April 24. Using the app, a physician can view a patient’s information, respond to patient messages using quick text and assess a patient’s prescription request without taking out his or her iPhone or iPad. In addition, physicians can look at their schedules with the app’s Glance feature or receive short reminders based on chats or […]

PRESS | HIT CONSULTANT |HIMMS Day 2 Summary and Highlights

“HIMSS released the results of the 26th Annual HIMSS Leadership Survey. The survey of more than 300 participants, examined key trending issues impacting the business of healthcare including patient considerations, security concerns, insurance models and policy mandates. This survey revealed that 72 percent of respondents report that consumer and patient considerations, such as patient engagement, satisfaction and quality of care will have a major impact on their organization’s strategic efforts over the next two years…. […]

PRESS RELEASE| drchrono Announces EHR for Apple Watch to Improve Doctor Visits

Mountain View, April 13, 2015 ​– d​rchrono​, an award­-winning Electronic Health Record (EHR) which includes all of the benefits of billing, practice management and an records in one place, will be the first to offer an integrated EHR on Apple Watch on April 24. The company is a leader in health technology: they were the first to build a native electronic health records (EHR) application for the iPad, offer developers an open healthcare API, a […]

PRESS| WSJ| drchrono is Bringing Electronic Health Records to the Apple Watch

  “It wasn’t very long ago that the idea of digitizing a patient’s long and complex medical history—which involves throwing together a hodge-podge of different kinds of data—seemed like a pipe dream. But just five years after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, not only are health records digital, they can now be worn on the body by doctors and patients like a fashion accessory. This is because startup technology company drchrono Inc., which has […]

PRESS| BUSINESS CHEAT SHEET|Why Wearable Technology is Good for your Health

Wearable technology has been drawing attention, especially as the age of always-accessible information is upon us. In this day and age, our homes are linked to our smartphones and everything else is linked to a network. Some industries, such as the healthcare field, are transforming with this connectivity. Files have been switched to online servers, but it is just the beggining of the technology revolution.  Many companies are working to share information seamlessly; drchrono offers […]

PRESS|MOBIHEALTHNEWS|Directly Synch your Heart Data with Eko

Eko’s device, Core, hooks on to an analog stethoscope, records the sound and sends that data to an app via Bluetooth so that clinicians can visualize, record and analyze that data. These providers can use an app or web portal to attach the heart data to certain electronic health records. Currently, only one electronic health record platform is integrated with Eko; users can send their data to providers using drchrono’s electronic health record. Developers are […]

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PRESS|PYMNTS.COM|drchrono’s Fingerprint Scan Feature Secures Healthcare Data

At the Spring Forward event, Apple launched ResearchKit, an open source software framework which seamlessly taps into the pool of useful data generated by Healthkit and makes it accessible to medical researchers. With ResearchKit, researchers and designers will be able to build applications for iPhone users and submit it to the Appstore. With this new development, there are various opportunities to use the Apple platform to collaborate with, collect and secure health data; for example, drchrono’s […]

Wearable Conference, Health and Medical Records

  Last week I had the honor of talking at the Wearable Tech Conference. It was great fun talking about where medical records will be in in the future. I go into a deep dive of session into some of the methodology around how we create what we create at drchrono and why we create what we create. I asked the audience who had a smart phone, just about everyone at the conference raised their […]

PRESS|KQEDSCIENCE| drchrono Tries to Solve Medical Records Debacle

    Doctors are frustrated by the amount of clicks it takes to do any simple talk, such as order prescriptions or fill out their patient charts.  Electronic health records make it easier for doctors to fill out relevant information during a patient visit. A Silicon Valley-based start up company, drchrono, is developing an application for Google Glass that it hopes will become the first “wearable medical record.” They hope to make it even easier for […]

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