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Directly Synch your Heart Data with Eko

Eko’s device, Core, hooks on to an analog stethoscope, records the sound and sends that data to an app via Bluetooth so that clinicians can visualize, record and analyze that data. These providers can use an app or web portal to attach the heart data to certain electronic health records. Currently, only one electronic health record platform is integrated with Eko; users can send their data to providers using drchrono’s electronic health record. Developers are […]

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drchrono’s Fingerprint Scan Feature Secures Healthcare Data

At the Spring Forward event, Apple launched ResearchKit, an open source software framework which seamlessly taps into the pool of useful data generated by Healthkit and makes it accessible to medical researchers. With ResearchKit, researchers and designers will be able to build applications for iPhone users and submit it to the Appstore. With this new development, there are various opportunities to use the Apple platform to collaborate with, collect and secure health data; for example, drchrono’s […]

Wearable Conference, Health and Medical Records

  Last week I had the honor of talking at the Wearable Tech Conference. It was great fun talking about where medical records will be in in the future. I go into a deep dive of session into some of the methodology around how we create what we create at drchrono and why we create what we create. I asked the audience who had a smart phone, just about everyone at the conference raised their […]

drchrono Tries to Solve Medical Records Debacle

    Doctors are frustrated by the amount of clicks it takes to do any simple talk, such as order prescriptions or fill out their patient charts.  Electronic health records make it easier for doctors to fill out relevant information during a patient visit. A Silicon Valley-based start up company, drchrono, is developing an application for Google Glass that it hopes will become the first “wearable medical record.” They hope to make it even easier for […]

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drchrono Helps Small Practices Use iPads

Featured in Mountain View Voice, Angela Hey writes the history of drchrono. Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos were college friends at SUNY Stony Brook in Long Island. They both chose different paths after graduating, but after multiple annoying healthcare visits, they decided that doctors could perform much more effectively with a web-based system focusing on the mobility of an iPad. This system started off with automated patient communications and is now the #1 electronic health record […]

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Rise of the “Internet of Healthy Things”

  drchrono’s COO, Daniel Kivatinos, writes an article for HIT consultant which delves in healthcare technology. He highlights how doctor-patient experience is greatly changing as technology becomes more internet dependent. One now has the ability to access and review their health data, save their data to the cloud, and message a provider via their smartphone or tablet. The original article can be read here. Here are some slides showing off a bit more about the internet […]

Wearable Health Apps

Some may say that Google Glass’s future could be bleak, but the eyewear has a future in health care information technology with it’s support of wearable health apps, specifically electronic health records (EHR).  Companies including drchrono and iPatientCare have developed their EHR apps for Google Glass to allow doctors to recite data into their electronic health records and view patient’s records at the corner of their eye. The original article can be read here.

Drchrono uses Apple Touch ID to Let Doctors Into EHR

Apple opened up the Touch ID fingerprint reader to third-party developers when it released iOS 8, and some in the health care world are beginning to take advantage of it. Drchrono, which makes an electronic health record optimized for use on iPads, has now used that capability to authenticate doctors into the patient record — and to keep unauthorized users out. This may be part of a wider push by Apple to get iPhone 6s […]

American Heart Association Hosts Physician “Shark Tank”

While we often lament the lack of the clinician voice digital health industry, five health tech startups are going to get an earful later today at the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions. At the AHA’s annual meeting, five startups & early stage companies have been selected to make their pitch to a panel of four cardiologists plus an audience of several hundred more. According to the event site, A Judge’s Choice and Audience Favorite […]

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November 2014: New Features List

 Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements: Scheduling When the provider has multiple patients with similar names or email addresses, a new field for date of birth helps you identify the correct patient when scheduling appointments.  Clinical When creating or customizing your templates, you can easily copy the fields from one template to another template or within the template using the clipboard.  Billing Timely Filing Warning: You can set up a timely […]