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PRESS RELEASE: drchrono Integrates with HealthKit

drchrono announced the launch of its Personal Health Record platform (PHR),onpatient, with a HealthKit integration on iOS 8. This integration allows patients to import data they choose from the Health app into their onpatient personal health records and send it to their physician in an easy-to-digest snapshot. According to Dr. James Rieger MD, “In the last few years, patients have been trying to bring their wellness data into the office, but I just couldn’t look at […]

Digital Health Companies Rush to Integrate with Apple’s HealthKit

Notwithstanding HealthKit’s aborted launch due to a software bug, digital health companies have jumped at the opportunity to integrate their products with Apple AAPL -0.69%’s HealthKit, a hub of personal health data that consumers can display in Apple’s new Health app in iOS 8. Many are betting that the tech giant has the clout and reach to make Health an indispensable tool for patients looking to engage with their doctors outside the clinic. “It’s going to be the […]

September 2014: New Features List

Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements:  Scheduling: Doctor View: A new view, “doctor”, has been added on the calendar where customers can view all the appointments scheduled by doctors in the office. This benefits multiple provider practice groups.  A new feature allows a provider to archive an exam room from the calendar.   A new column has been added to show which exam room an appointment is scheduled in.  Clinical: A […]

ONC Releases Final EHR Guidelines

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) on Thursday released a newfinal rule for electronic health records (EHRs), which increases the flexibility of the 2014 edition of certification and adds some criteria initially proposed in the 2015 voluntary EHR certification criteria now abandoned by the ONC. Although it believes that many of the reasons for creating a voluntary certification edition remain valid, the ONC opted to end its pursuit of this option after […]

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drchrono CEO shares the stage with Aaron Levie of Box; photo in WIRED!

Michael Nusimow, CEO of drchrono, was mentioned in a WIRED! magazine article about the online storage wars referenced in Aaron Levie’s keynote at BoxWorks ’14. Nusimow shared the stage with Aaron as he demonstrated the EHR company’s integration of Box’s feature for Healthcare, meta-tagging.  View the whole article here -

drchrono Is Now Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified; Voted #1 Mobile EHR in Black Book Rankings 2014

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Jul 21, 2014) - drchrono, the free Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform on the iPad, iPhone and cloud, today announced it has officially been certified for Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2. The company enhanced the EHR platform with new features as part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services EHR Incentive Program, i.e. Meaningful Use. InfoGard Laboratories completed the platform certification review. Some of the new features within the platform which meets the […]

How to Score a Brand Partnership

As is often the case where I work (the Bay Area), I hear about “brand partnerships” all the time. Some — like Starbucks’ recent partnership with Square — you may already be familiar with. And others? Well, they’re still twinkles in a startup CEO’s eye. Why are brand partnerships important? They involve a mutually beneficial exchange. For example, one company (Square) brings functionality to the table, while another (Starbucks) brings visibility. If you’re a newer […]

Unregulated data sometimes just as sensitive as HIPAA-covered data

In a new report from the California HealthCare Foundation, the report’s author, health economist and consultant Jane Sarasohn-Kahn concludes that while the increasing amount of consumer wellness and fitness data collected today has a lot of value for personalized healthcare, it also presents new risks for consumer privacy. For one thing, as healthcare moves out of the hospital and onto the wrist, the smartphone, or the Facebook wall, healthcare data moves out of the realm of HIPAA, the […]

drchrono Could Transform Your Doctor’s Office

Dr. Chrono is trying to be the definitive iPad app for the doctor’s office. Looks good to me. If iPad’s are going to be the doctor’s tool of the future, they’re going to need a killer App that will enable the device to do everything they need it to do: schedule appointments, take notes, get lab results, bill insurance companies, file prescriptions, etc. Dr. Chrono can do all of that and more – it just might be the […]

drchrono Application Product Integration

Drchrono, a leading electronic health record (EHR) platform provider, and AppMedicine, the company behind AppVisit, a cross-platform software solution that provides mobile communications to the health care industry, have just announced a product integration that they say will increase productivity for health care providers and provide greater health care access to patients. The new drchrono-AppVisit integration makes it possible for both health care providers and patients to have easy access to mobile e-visits and integrated records. […]

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