Update: Appointment Status!


We’ve updated our Appointment Scheduling tab! When making or editing a patient’s appointment, you can now select and change the Appointment Status. Available Appointment Statuses are: Arrived In Session Complete Confirmed Not Confirmed Rescheduled Cancelled No Show If the Appointment Status is selected as either Rescheduled, Cancelled, or No Show, the billing status will be… Continue Reading

Update: Archiving an Office

Have you moved offices? Created an office that you want to remove? Now you can archive your unused offices! This will remove the office from your “View Options” list, and will not allow you to schedule future appointments within that office. To do this, first go to your “Account” tab, and select “Offices.”   From… Continue Reading

Your Personal EMR Healthcare Fax Line


Did you know you can fax in and out of drchrono? Well you can! You don’t have to stress over having a fax line or waste time scanning paper; it can all go in and out of your message box, all from one place. Super easy. Fax referrals, prescriptions, patient charts, labs and receive them… Continue Reading

Update: Supervising Provider Signatures on Clinical Notes

We’ve added additional functionality to practice groups! You can now specify whether a provider is a “supervisor” that can sign other provider’s notes or if the provider needs a “supervising provider” to sign off on their notes. A supervising provider must sign off on all Rendering Provider’s clinical notes for electronic medical billing. Contact support@drchrono.com to activate… Continue Reading

Love Google Calendar? Check out this EHR calendar.

We love google calendar. Most people do. If you love the way that google calendar works then you will love our new EHR calendar, we took an elegant approach. It is fast, runs on an iPad in Mobile Safari, and way cool to use. Not to mention you can integrate it into your normal Google… Continue Reading

drchrono can now Generate Superbills

After filling out ICD-9/CPT codes for a patient, a doctor can click on the “Print a Patient SuperBill” button in our software to have a basic superbill printed out for patients. This superbill has all of the doctors credentials and the patient’s credentials filled out along with the ICD-9-CM condition codes and CPT procedure codes…. Continue Reading