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What is Good Customer Service?

Connections.  They are so fundamental to our success, well being, and happiness as humans.  There are over seven billion other humans on this earth for us to connect with.  How will we do it?  We may not connect with a hairsbreadth of this population, but one thing is for sure, the connections we make are important and impactful because the most valuable thing in this life are the connections we make with each other. Each day, […]

New Features & Enhancements – July’15

Patient Copy onpatient forms from previous visit You can copy information filled out by the patient in “reason for visit” or “additional information” from the previous appointment to the current appointment   Complete Note If you have a high number of custom templates in your account, once you scroll down you will see a “view complete note” button which allow you to view the entire note without having to scroll down.   Schedule Appointment In […]

From ICD-9 To ICD-10

With ICD-10’s mandatory October 1st deadline approaching fast and furiously (I know you think summer just started, but believe me folks, Labor Day is right around the corner), a lot of information remains uncertain.  What are ICD-10 codes?  How will they impact my practice?  What are the differences between ICD-9 and 10? Fear not, like a safety trampoline for you to jump to from a burning building, ICD-10 ready drchrono has your back.  You’ll want […]

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Love them or hate them, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are here to stay! We built a handy dandy infographic to illustrate the history of EHRs.  We hope you find the information useful and interesting.

How An EHR Makes A World Of Difference

Imagine, sometime in the future, how great it will be when every doctor and patient will be using the power and convenience of the mobile EHR (and for you doc’s out there, imagine a mobile EHR that is simple, effective, and easy to use – but I digress).  I bring this up, because while on vacation in Hawaii a few years ago, I fell and was dragged on a reef that did some not so great […]

New Features & Enhancements – June’15

Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements. Schedule Office List You can customize your office by arranging them in the order of your preference. Providers List You can customize your provider list by arranging them in the order of your preference. Multiple Offices You now have the option to view all your appointments at your various office locations under one view; you can select multiple offices to appear on your calendar.   […]

drchrono Does Data Extraction Right

The other day, after getting off the phone with another new drchrono customer, I was completely blown away.  This new customer was apprehensive about joining our service because she was treated so poorly by her now former EHR company. She is just one of many customers I have dealt with who have gone through this type of experience. Believe it or not, this company (which shall not be named) had the audacity to charge her upwards […]

Benefits of Switching to drchrono EHR

Moving to an EHR platform can truly help a medical practice optimize their business in amazing ways, but practitioners should be sure to weigh their choices carefully. I’d like to shed some light on why choosing drchrono’s EHR is the best choice you can make if you’re looking for an EHR solution. Why, you ask? Well, that’s simple, but since we have too many benefits to mention in a short, slick, marketing spiel, we’ll let […]

May 2015 – New Features & Enhancements

Here is a list of our newest features and enhancements. Scheduling Warning System You will now see a warning message every time an appointment is updated or modified but the changes have not been saved. This enables all users to save their the information, ensuring that no information is lost. Clinical Clinical Note Permission If one of your staff members does not have permission to access a patient’s clinical note, they will not be allowed […]

April 2015 – New Features and Enhancements

Below is a list of our newest enhancements and features. Scheduling Additional Description Field Most CPT/HCPCS codes end in “99” which means they are unspecified codes and they requires an additional description in order for most insurances to process and make the payment. In our system, if the code entered ends in “99”, our system will add an additional description field in the billing tab in a patient’s appointment. Clinical Autofill/Persistent Templates You can make a template […]