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New Features & Enhancements – Sep’15

Scheduling Customizable Colors You can customize your appointment screen, appointment profiles and patient flags with more than 25 colors. Face Sheet Our Face Sheet displays the patient’s condition, medication, allergies, recent vitals, lab results and family history all in one screen. Clinical Adding Amendments to a Note You can add an additional note or amendment to the clinical note without locking or unlocking your clinical notes. Patients Pharmacy Benefits You can view pharmacy benefits under […]

How Do I Navigate The New Dashboard?

drchrono’s dashboard provides customers an easy to read, easy to navigate screen to quickly view pertinent information.  With a quick glance you are able to view appointments, medical billing, messages and usage. Here is what you will now see upon entering your drchrono account: Now, I know what you’re thinking: “The dashboard is nice and all, but how do I get back to my calendar view?” To view it, simply click on the “Calendar” button as shown […]

New Features & Enhancements – Aug’15

Here are this month’s newest features and enhancements: Scheduling   Appointment Breaks On your calendar, you will now be able to see which provider and office location a break between appointments is for without opening the specific appointment.     Appointment Summary When you hover your cursor on the appointment in your calendar screen, you will notice the patient’s previous appointment date and provider’s name.     Appointment Status Next to each appointment status, you […]

Appointment Enhancement

You asked for it, and we delivered!  Our developers have implemented another enhancement request from our UserVoice site.  drchrono will now be using letters as placeholders to let providers/staff users view an appointment with the current status that is associated with the appointment. Step 1: In the appointment view, the “Status” of the appointment is now differentiated with an “A” for arrived, “IS” for in session and more:   Step 2: This is how the appointments will appear […]

Heads Up: New Enhancement!

To all of our loyal customers, drchrono has exciting news for you all.  We appreciate and listen to our customers, and as such, we have improved the calendar functionality.  Now, more than ever, we have made it easy to change seamlessly between providers and individual office schedules.  Now you are able to click a check box for improved visibility. Step 1: Now you are able to easily click the box next to the provider’s name […]

What is Good Customer Service?

Connections.  They are so fundamental to our success, well being, and happiness as humans.  There are over seven billion other humans on this earth for us to connect with.  How will we do it?  We may not connect with a hairsbreadth of this population, but one thing is for sure, the connections we make are important and impactful because the most valuable thing in this life are the connections we make with each other. Each day, […]

New Features & Enhancements – July’15

Patient Copy onpatient forms from previous visit You can copy information filled out by the patient in “reason for visit” or “additional information” from the previous appointment to the current appointment   Complete Note If you have a high number of custom templates in your account, once you scroll down you will see a “view complete note” button which allow you to view the entire note without having to scroll down.   Schedule Appointment In […]

From ICD-9 To ICD-10

With ICD-10’s mandatory October 1st deadline approaching fast and furiously (I know you think summer just started, but believe me folks, Labor Day is right around the corner), a lot of information remains uncertain.  What are ICD-10 codes?  How will they impact my practice?  What are the differences between ICD-9 and 10? Fear not, like a safety trampoline for you to jump to from a burning building, ICD-10 ready drchrono has your back.  You’ll want […]

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Love them or hate them, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are here to stay! We built a handy dandy infographic to illustrate the history of EHRs.  We hope you find the information useful and interesting.

How An EHR Makes A World Of Difference

Imagine, sometime in the future, how great it will be when every doctor and patient will be using the power and convenience of the mobile EHR (and for you doc’s out there, imagine a mobile EHR that is simple, effective, and easy to use – but I digress).  I bring this up, because while on vacation in Hawaii a few years ago, I fell and was dragged on a reef that did some not so great […]