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Internet Tips Using a Cloud EHR

Any cloud based medical application needs access to the Internet. drchrono is a cloud based medical records platform and needs access to the Internet. Depending on the type of Internet connection you currently have, your internet connection can vary drastically. I recommend having your primary internet connection, something very fast above the average internet connection. You can find some details on Internet connection speeds here. In addition to having a primary Internet connection having a […]

Mayo Patient Education Material

We just re-optimized the searching for patient education material, it is now easier to find patient education materials relevant to a patient and to share the content. Simply go to the patient list From there you can select a patient and

Connect Medical Billing Payers via the Electronic data interchange enrollment ( EDI )

You can enroll to submit medical claims and bill health insurance companies electronically within the drchrono platform via the electronic data interchange enrollment ( EDI ). In doing this you can submit claims electronically to any insurance company to get paid. Want to know more about EDI? Electronic data interchange ( EDI ) is an electronic communication system that provides standards for exchanging data via any electronic means. By adhering to the same standard, two […]

Box API Version 2

Hello drchrono users, We wanted to share some exciting news about box integration and drchrono with you. We have implemented Box’s newest API into drchrono, now, what does this mean? You are not going to visually see any changes so don’t worry you are not going to be required to learn an entirely different workflow. This update is more of a “under the hood” update meaning it is going to help your drchrono account talk […]

Bring new patients to your practice

  We have partnered with BetterDoctor to bring you new patients. Grab your BetterDoctor profile here. You can reach more patients with your personalized profile on BetterDoctor. Over 1,000,000 people a month trust BetterDoctor’s ad-free web and mobile apps to find a new provider. We are working with the BetterDoctor team as well to be able to book schedules on your profile as well, we will keep you posted as to when that will be […]

Medical Forms Builder Redesigned

We are continually working on redesigning and rethinking how you can build medical forms and edit them faster. We are proud to announce the latest version of our medical forms builder has been release. Enjoy it, more updates are coming on the way! You can access the new medical forms template builder here –

Waiting Room iPad Check-In App on iOS 7

As of today we are proud to announce we have updated the app with a complete new redesign from the ground up for iOS 7. What came out today for our users Completely redesigned for iOS 7 Secondary Insurance Eligibility Check Added filters to appointment list Added co-pay field So if you don’t have it, download the latest version of our iPad Checkin App!

How to backup all records outside of drchrono

drchrono understands the importance of your patient records, and because of this we allow you to backup all of those records outside of drchrono’s platform. You are able to backup your patient documents and locked clinical notes by using your box paid enterprise account, which you can learn how to by going here. (You must be on a paid box enterprise account to for your box backup to be HIPAA compliant.) You are also able to export […]

Refer Physician Colleagues

We now have a referral program! As a drchrono member, you are eligible to earn one free month of drchrono service* or a $100 gift card when you refer another clinic and they become a drchrono customer. *Valid for up to $250 of monthly drchrono services per referral and up to 12 referred clinics per year. Referred clinic must remain a drchrono customer for a minimum of 3 months. Step 1. Recommend drchrono to your […]

Product / Procedure Medical Code Search Added

You asked for it and now we have it! Many of our medical billers and users of the medical billing center asked for a good way to filter for specific billing codes, now you can search for any type of billing code and filter just that code out within the Product / Procedure section within the web portion of the drchrono platform.