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Learn iPad Health Records in 45 Minutes

Here are two videos that Gail from our team did for our users! I highly recommend you watch these videos to become an expert on your iPad EHR. Learn iPad Patient Check-In in 15 minutes Learn iPad drchrono EHR 34 minutes

Update: Patient Online Scheduling

Tracking Code & Online Scheduling Doctors wanted to track where patients are coming from, well now you can! With the addition to the platform, you can now add your Google Analytics tracking code to your online schedule! Go here, pick an office and add your Google Analytics Tracking code now! How to use Google Analytics If you don’t know what Google Analytics, Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about […]

Better Patient Care through Cloud Imaging

Remember when EHRs were clunky applications that you could only use on an ancient hospital computer?  Online EHRs like drchrono have made a huge difference for physicians, allowing them to access their data from anywhere and on any device, and today I’m going to write about how that same transition is happening for radiology software, commonly known as RIS/PACS (Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving and Communication System).  Historically RIS/PACS were applications installed on workstations […]

Meaningful Use Stage 2

On Thursday, June 19th at 10PM PST, the drchrono Engineering Team will be rolling out features for Meaningful Use Stage 2. Click here to learn more about accessing $24,000 or more in economic stimulus incentives. We will be pushing the new features while also upgrading our hardware and software platform. The whole process will take approximately 1 – 4 hours. During that time, the drchrono platform will be unreachable. Please keep up to date at This […]

Stay Current on your EHR

Many of our users always ask the question – How do I keep up to date on drchrono, updates, enhancements, training and upgrades. Well here are a few tips on how to stay current on drchrono. The Light Blub When logged onto the website of drchrono take note of the little light bulb on the upper right hand corner, click it and you will find that is where we post many articles on updates about […]

Manual Entries of Labs

drchrono currently has bi-directional capabilities with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. drchrono also provides uni-directional capabilities with Diagnostic Laboratory Services but we also now have manual lab entries for the lab orders and results from lab companies that are not connected to drchrono as of yet. You can go to the patients chart under the Lab Orders section to add a manual entry to track the order and results.   If your lab company has not […]

Sharing Patient Info from Documents Section of Medical Record

      We are proud to announce that you can now send parts of the “Documents” section of the medical record to patients under the patients chart. Whatch the video below to learn more on how to do this -

iPad Mic & Medical Speech to Text

A few of doctors and practitioners asked me recently, Where is the mic on my iPad? I want medical speech to text to be as accurate as it can be. Let me just start off saying the mic in the medical field is a critical tool in a physicians tool box. Recording video, audio, talking into a device for medical speech to text is becoming more and more important as physicians move about. On the […]

Internet Tips Using a Cloud EHR

Any cloud based medical application needs access to the Internet. drchrono is a cloud based medical records platform and needs access to the Internet. Depending on the type of Internet connection you currently have, your internet connection can vary drastically. I recommend having your primary internet connection, something very fast above the average internet connection. You can find some details on Internet connection speeds here. In addition to having a primary Internet connection having a […]

Mayo Patient Education Material

We just re-optimized the searching for patient education material, it is now easier to find patient education materials relevant to a patient and to share the content. Simply go to the patient list From there you can select a patient and