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Klout and Healthcare: How to get a High Medical Rating

    Is your Klout score lower than you want it to be? Or are you just getting started and want some tips on how to raise it within the medical and healthcare rankings? Either way, we’re ready to help you out. As Klout measures your social influence, the best way to be influential is through what you already know. Your goal should be to be influential within specific topics, while simultaneously increasing your Klout […]

Create a Medical Practice Google+ Business Page

Google just released Pages for business in its Google+ social network. There are a number of benfits to having a Google+ page for your medical practice, many are the same reasons for having Pages on facebook. Direct connection to Googles search engine Through the use of the “+1” button, Google has tied Google+ directly to its search. There is also a feature currently under experimentation called “Direct Connect” that will allow searchers to find Google+ business […]