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Top 15 Health & Fitness iPhone Apps for 2015

There are a number of exceptional apps out this year, 2015 for iOS ( iPhone and iPad ) health and fitness. Below is a list of a few of my personal favorite apps that I think are unique and great to try. Meditation & Yoga Apps There are two great meditation apps out, Headspace and Smiling Mind. Smiling Mind and Headspace both have iPhone apps and websites that a patient can access. Both of these apps […]

iPad & iPhone EHR Medical Records Apple Touch ID

  Apple now introduced the biometric “Touch ID” onto the new iPad, latest iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3.  Touch ID is also on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. What is Touch ID? Touch ID is a little biometric finger print reader on the new iOS devices: iPad Air 2 iPad Mini 3 iPhone 5S iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus With Touch ID, you can now do more with just […]

iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 5 … in health care

  Apple has done it again. Today Apple made an announcement with Tim Cook the CEO leading the way. Tim announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both of these goes on sales on on Friday for preorder. The new models look amazing and both have larger screens. These new iPhones combine health and fitness monitoring, so Apples iPhone is jumping into the health care space. Take a look at this super interesting video Apple […]

Save Time with Medical Macro’s on iPad EHR

There is an art to saving time in your medical practice. Part of that art is finding out what tools there are for saving time. For sure hands down Mac macro’s, iPad macro’s and iPhone macro’s are some of the best ways to save time from typing. Within the drchrono platform there is something called a “macro“, we have all different ways to leverage macro’s. For iPad macro’s, please read on if you haven’t set […]

iPad Mic & Medical Speech to Text

A few of doctors and practitioners asked me recently, Where is the mic on my iPad? I want medical speech to text to be as accurate as it can be. Let me just start off saying the mic in the medical field is a critical tool in a physicians tool box. Recording video, audio, talking into a device for medical speech to text is becoming more and more important as physicians move about. On the […]

Notice Regarding: iPad 1

Hello Doctors! I wanted to give you an important update regarding the first generation iPad (iPad 1.)  As of now, we will no longer be supporting iOS 5 devices (i.e. iPad 1.)  The amount of users who are still using an iPad 1 have become marginal, as Apple has been releasing iPads that are more efficient and technologically updated. Our team will be focusing on our newest products, which are compatible with iOS 6.1 and up. This […]

iPad Mini EMR in Healthcare, Fits into a Lab Coat Pocket

Today on October 23rd the iPad Mini was officially announced. It will be released on November 3rd. The iPad Mini is 7.9” and will fit in a lab coat pocket! And the big question is will it be able to run our iPad EHR and our patient check in iPad app onpatient. The answer is … yes! The iPad Mini has Ultrafast Wifi, 10 hours of battery life, Facetime HD, its 23% thinner then the iPad, and […]

Stick Out Your Tongue!

I am lucky enough to share a co-working space with a woman who recently graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a result, I get to be the beneficiary of health advice that lies beyond the parameters of traditional Western approaches. Rather than the anatomic or organ systems approaches I’m accustomed to, TCM’s approach is based on “the ancient Chinese perception of humans as microcosms of the larger, surrounding universe—interconnected with nature […]

Really Touching Data

Opened in 2006, the House of Sweden is a stunning contemporary building that houses both the Swedish and Icelandic Embassies in Washington DC’s Georgetown. The front of the building, comprised of a towering glass facade, provides visitors with a full-scale view of the clean lines of the interior architecture and the workings of the occupants. The four storey building was designed specifically to foster an atmosphere of positive and creative cooperation. The architects envisioned unusual […]

iPad Record Sales in Healthcare?

At every WWDC event that Apple holds, they announce sales numbers. This year Apple announced some amazing numbers. I wonder how many health professionals now have iPads around the world, the iPad truly is game changing. The numbers below are amazing. 25 Million iPads Sold 200 Million iOS Devices Sold Stats on how many people are using iOS, 44% of people are using iOS in the mobile space