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The Importance of Customer Loyalty and Retention

Picture this scenario, a scenario we all find ourselves in on a fairly regular basis: You’re a customer shopping numerous options until you choose the company that provides the product you want.  More times than not, you do your due diligence and vette out the best from the less desirable offerings of the same product or service.  You cross shop.  You talk to sales reps.  You look for flaws.  You’re careful.  After going through this […]

Exporting / Importing Data from an EHR Using CCDA

Sometime when transitioning to drchrono from another vendor you will need to export your data. There are a few ways that you can do this. One of the newer ways you can do this is by asking your other vendor to export the patients medical records via CCDA, you might even be able to do this on your own if it is an option in the EHR. Once you get this data, let your implementation […]

mHealth Devices – FitBit, The Shine, Basis Watch Review

The world is changing and people are starting to become more accountable with their care. It is an innovative space and there is a lot that is happening in this space. Below is a FitBit Review, The Shine Review and the Basis Review. Just off the top of my head, three of my favorite devices that you can buy to track your health that you wear are – FitBit Basis The Shine There are countless […]

Medical Records Graphing, Scoring & Reports Builder

At drchrono, we are thinking a lot about graphing and graphing tools. One of our goals is to have a graph, reports and scoring template builder, like our clinical notes template builder. Having medical professionals building the reports and visual graphs they need in real time to determine the health of their practice and the health of their patients. One thing we will get out of having a reports builder ins scores to rate your […]

Box + drchrono

The leader in cloud storage.  The leader in EHR innovation.   Together in the palm of your hand. Our newest partnership with Box allows doctors and clinical staff to securely store, share and collaborate on patient’s medical records, lab reports and images.  drchrono users can extract a patient summary from the drchrono medical record application and securely share it with the patient using a Box folder thereby meeting the Meaningful Use Stage 1 and Stage 2 […]

Mayo Clinic Partnership

[youtube=] drchrono is very excited to announce our newest partnership with the Mayo Clinic to provide patient specific material seamlessly through your drchrono account. Check out all the buzz below! We were recently featured in Market Watch, Health 2 News and Mobile Health News.

Fork Over Knives: A Film that Can Save Your Life

A while back, we informed you about the dangers of sugar and according to scientific studies, its correlation to the major killers in the US; mainly diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Now with this post, we invite you to watch for yourself this documentary that examines the various studies showing the correlation between an animal product diet and disease vs. a vegan diet and the possible reversal of disease. The documentary traces the careers and research of […]

Rising Cost of Healthcare Around the World

Recently the Commonwealth Fund study compared 13 countries with the U.S., Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The Commonwealth Fund study found that in 2009 $8,000 per person was spent. When looking at other countries compared to the U.S.,  our health care spend is enormous. In the study, Norway and Switzerland were second and third, on medical spending, at around $5,000 per person. The U.S. high cost health […]

Klout and Healthcare: How to get a High Medical Rating

    Is your Klout score lower than you want it to be? Or are you just getting started and want some tips on how to raise it within the medical and healthcare rankings? Either way, we’re ready to help you out. As Klout measures your social influence, the best way to be influential is through what you already know. Your goal should be to be influential within specific topics, while simultaneously increasing your Klout […]

Why we die early

America’s healthcare system stands out in the world for juxtaposition of two conflicting facts: it is the world’s most expensive healthcare system in a country with one of the developed world’s lower life expectancies. Many people ascribe this problem to inefficiencies in the system, economic forces, failure to ration care. However, there is a much simpler reason, whose only problem is that it is very difficult to accept: the abundance of food in America is […]