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Hail a Doctor: Consumer Health-On-Demand Apps

Our COO, Daniel Kivatinos, was part of a Health 2.0 last week called “Fixing the Clinical User Experience”. His presentation was focused on a recent integration. While much of our work at drchrono focuses on providing doctors with a seamless EHR experience, we also recognize that patients are in charge of their health in ways never seen before. Passively receiving health stats and records has become a thing of the past for patients. In fact, […]

You Asked, We Listened – Updates Notification Feature Released!

We highly value our customer’s feedback and when enough of them let us know that we needed to provide better communication when new features were released, we listened and started working on a way to notify everyone all at once and in real-time.  This new feature allows us to regularly update you about new features so that you always know what is new with drchrono. Introducing our Updates Notification Feature.  Once we release major features, doctors […]

Box + drchrono

The leader in cloud storage.  The leader in EHR innovation.   Together in the palm of your hand. Our newest partnership with Box allows doctors and clinical staff to securely store, share and collaborate on patient’s medical records, lab reports and images.  drchrono users can extract a patient summary from the drchrono medical record application and securely share it with the patient using a Box folder thereby meeting the Meaningful Use Stage 1 and Stage 2 […]

Mayo Clinic Partnership

[youtube=] drchrono is very excited to announce our newest partnership with the Mayo Clinic to provide patient specific material seamlessly through your drchrono account. Check out all the buzz below! We were recently featured in Market Watch, Health 2 News and Mobile Health News.

The Next Steve Jobs Would Come from Consumer Healthcare Products

Today I got my Fibit from drchrono. I requested it not only with the goal of learning about emerging medical technologies, but also to fulfill a personal interest: hacking it to see how it works. Healthcare is a 4.5 trillion dollar market with huge room for improvement. There is one specific market that still remains relatively untapped: healthcare consumer electronics. If someone can predict where the next Steve Jobs will emerge, it will probably come from this arena. Convergent Technologies […]

All Over the Map: Patient Access to Clinical Lab Information

Last September, the Department of Health and Human Services introduced an amendment to the CLIA Program and HIPAA Privacy Rule: Patients’ Access to Test Reports. The rule proposes that patients have unfettered access to clinical lab test reports upon request. While hospitals, clinical labs, and clinicians say they support the proposal, implementation may have its share of problems. Added costs, new processes, privacy protections, and training of lab personnel would be required to comply with […]

Prescribing eHealth for Your Patients

I recently attended the mHealth Summit in Washington D.C. and it was yet another example that physicians are still missing from key conversations. Last week it was New York eHealth Collaborative Conference, previously Connected Health Symposium in Boston … Health 2.0 in San Francisco. Why aren’t physicians attending these conferences? The techies and start-up health company founders were discussing their plans for pilot programs where physicians become active prescribers of eHealth resources and mobile health applications for their patients. […]

iPad EHR Presented at Health 2.0 Conference

Every year the drchrono team has presented at the health 2.0 conference. This year I was able to show off some of our cool new ideas just implemented. FreeDraw, drawing on images Macro buttons, adding new keys to the iPad keyboard Fast medical template input [youtube] We would just like to thank the health 2.0 team for always supporting us and our view in changing healthcare through technology.

Health 2.0 Conference iPad Winner

We had an interactive raffle at the Health 2.0 conference this Oct 2010 in San Francisco. Lots of people entered to win the free iPad 3G. It was amazing how much a fun game can take off and get people involved. We gave out two cards with the same number to totally random people from our booth at the conference. The people with matching numbers had to find each other and then they both got […]