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Facebook Page Apps Every Medical Practice Should Use

Ever doctor who is “in” is now using facebook pages to improve communication with patients. Though the number of facebook apps available to do this is in the well over 100,000, too many for physician to look through. Start here to build out the tools for your medical practice. The goal of every doctor using facebook pages is to give information to new and existing patients, also get patients to engage with the physician in […]

Can Facebook have a EHR? Yes.

Can Facebook have a EHR? The simple answer is yes. It is a VERY easy process. The steps: You need a Facebook account. You need to create a Facebook page for your medical business. You need a drchrono EHR account. Copy the iFrame code from the drchrono office you want to use. Add the “Use Static HTML: iframe tabs” app to your Facebook account. Paste the copied code into iframe tab area and save. [youtube]