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Apple iOS8 + iWatch Redefining Fitness Tracking, Mobile Health

Tim Cook Apples CEO in 2012 said last year the whole sensor field is going to explode. It’s a little all over the place right now… with the arc of time, it will become clearer, According to sources all around the web, Apple is now looking to get into healthcare. Specifically the mobile healthcare and fitness space. Apple is going to be releasing a new version of the iPhone operating system this year with health and […]

Apple 5s Bio Metric Healthcare Credentialing

Healthcare Credentialing Possible with the iPhone 5s? Now that the new iPhone 5s is out, I can tell you there is something that makes it truly unique, it is the bio-metric login and credentialing ring on the new phone. Apple iPhone 5c, Why is this a game changer? Simple, you don’t have to type a pin code into your iPhone to login. Not only that, payments via the iTunes app store will be using the […]

Notice Regarding: iPad 1

Hello Doctors! I wanted to give you an important update regarding the first generation iPad (iPad 1.)  As of now, we will no longer be supporting iOS 5 devices (i.e. iPad 1.)  The amount of users who are still using an iPad 1 have become marginal, as Apple has been releasing iPads that are more efficient and technologically updated. Our team will be focusing on our newest products, which are compatible with iOS 6.1 and up. This […]

Guided Access for OnPatient!

With the new iOS update comes an additional security feature that helps keep your patient info more secure. Guided Access can lock the iPad into a single app, so the user cannot get into anything else on the iPad. It restricts the user to one app by locking the home button and controlling which areas of the screen are touch sensitive. This will keep your patient while in OnPatient from exiting the app or closing […]

Update: New OnPatient App in the Apple App Store!

We’re pleased to announce a new OnPatient app to complement our EHR! Please download the latest version of OnPatient and start using all the great new features! The app was designed with the retina display in mind, so the it looks extra sharp on the new iPad! The Onboarding process allows you to collect all of your patients’ demographics on your iPad, while they’re in the waiting roo.! Not only does this give your office […]

Healthcare Physicians WWDC 2012 Update

What is WWDC? Well, it is the conference that Apple holds for Apple developers from all over the world. This conference is amazingly important to the drchrono team. Every time this conference happens Apple shows off amazing software and hardware upgrades. We look, see and think about what we will be leveraging this hardware and software over the next year. You see, Apple creates the world the best hardware, and it our job to leverage that hardware […]

healthcare + physicians + iPhone 5

Generally Apple releases iPhones on a 12-month launch cycle. So when will the iPhone 5 most likely come out? Our guess at drchrono is next fall around September or October. That being said if you are waiting for the next iPhone to come out, we recommend you spring for the iPhone 4S, unless you want to wait that 5 month period. Last year Apple did break that 12 month cycle for a few months, so […]

iPad makes the rounds with physicians

Apple released this great video showing off how the iPad can be used in a medical setting. The video features St. Louis Urgent Cares. For more information, The video shows off how drchrono makes doctors mobile.


A Farewell to Steve Jobs

As an Electronic Medical Record company, we strive to do our very best to improve the workflow of doctors.  This means helping with billing, scheduling, educating patients, making notations easier, making actions with minimal clicks, finding information on drug interactions, indications, and results faster; and making our product as simple and beautiful as possible.  There is no doubt we have this perspective largely from our own artistic personas — but, one man has always inspired […]

Can iCloud Help Healthcare, EHRs & EMRs?

iCloud is a service that Apple has just released. This product allows iPad, iPhone, iPod and mac users to sync data. So the main focus of this product is to allow users to sync music, documents, photos, calendars and apps across all devices, somewhat like dropbox. Dropboxs syncs data via folders. So how does this relate to healthcare? The answer is easy, the key thing I mentioned above is “App” syncing. If you download an […]