Practice Management Appointment Template / Profile

  Become a practice management guru. Learning how to manipulate the drchrono practice management schedule is a skill, the more you learn the more powerful it becomes. So today I wanted to talk about some features that are not widely used, BUT can make a world of difference for larger practices that have many doctors and many staff members. The schedule is used as mainly a communication tool, allowing everyone to know the physicians schedule. […]

Save Time with Medical Macro’s on iPad EHR

There is an art to saving time in your medical practice. Part of that art is finding out what tools there are for saving time. For sure hands down Mac macro’s, iPad macro’s and iPhone macro’s are some of the best ways to save time from typing. Within the drchrono platform there is something called a “macro“, we have all different ways to leverage macro’s. For iPad macro’s, please read on if you haven’t set […]

Loading Google Glass Electronic Health Records Now Easier

There is a new way to load the drchrono wearable Electronic Medical Record App onto Google Glass, the way to do this is to simply join the drchrono Google Group for Glass. Once you join this group, your Glassware gallery will auto load drchrono’s App as an option to turn on. If you select drchrono in the Glassware gallery and turn it on, it will autoload drchrono onto your Glass. Another great thing about doing […]

Offer your patients electronic visits (e-visits)

We have another partner who has launched an app on the drchrono market place, the partner is AppMedicine, the makers of AppVisit. In today’s environment, you are expected to see patients efficiently and cost effectively while maintaining a high level of patient satisfaction. No easy task. With AppVisit, you can increase revenue, “virtually” extend your practice, make your office staff’s and your life easier and increase patient satisfaction. AppVisit’s mobile communication tools allow you to […]

Keyboard Macro Tools for EHR

I don’t always recommend software but today I am going to talk about something called keyboard macros software. What is a keyboard macro? Is is a piece of software that will allow a physician or staff member to hit a sequence of keys on a Mac and the sequence of keys are replaced by some text you have designated in the software to replace the sequence of keys. So for example you can designate the text “.suture” to […]

EHR Healthcare API Updated!

Many of our users have requested a number of data points be accessible via API, we are proud to announce the latest version of our API! ( If you haven’t signed up for the drchrono API you can do so here. All of our documentation can be found here. Also please keep up to date with updates on our API at the drchrono API Google Group.) The new API changes and accessible data points are […]

LabCorp & Quest Diagnostics Labs

With drchrono you can order labs and receive lab results all from one place. We have Quest Diagnostics Labs, LabCorp Labs and DLS labs available. Stay organized and save time with ordering labs via drchrono’s iPad app. Fully featured lab requests and orders are now at your fingertips with paperless laboratory. LabCorp Labs & Quest Diagnostics Labs on iPad Training session 1 – Training session 2 – LabCorp Labs & Quest Diagnostics Labs on Web […]

Learn iPad Health Records in 45 Minutes

Here are two videos that Gail from our team did for our users! I highly recommend you watch these videos to become an expert on your iPad EHR. Learn iPad Patient Check-In in 15 minutes Learn iPad drchrono EHR 34 minutes

Update: Patient Online Scheduling

Tracking Code & Online Scheduling Doctors wanted to track where patients are coming from, well now you can! With the addition to the platform, you can now add your Google Analytics tracking code to your online schedule! Go here, pick an office and add your Google Analytics Tracking code now! How to use Google Analytics If you don’t know what Google Analytics, Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about […]

3 Top Ways for Doctors to Improve their Online Presence

Every month over 10,000,000 patients turn to the internet to find a new doctor or evaluate a referral. While your time as a doctor is best spent treating patients, here are three easy ways to ensure your online presence is accurate and optimized to help you attract the right patients to your practice. 1. Claim and update online directory profiles Google your name and you’re likely to find dozens of online directories with a profile […]