Top 15 Health & Fitness iPhone Apps for 2015

There are a number of exceptional apps out this year, 2015 for iOS ( iPhone and iPad ) health and fitness. Below is a list of a few of my personal favorite apps that I think are unique and great to try. Meditation & Yoga Apps There are two great meditation apps out, Headspace and Smiling Mind. Smiling Mind and Headspace both have iPhone apps and websites that a patient can access. Both of these apps […]

Free EHR and Practice Management for Universities

Free EHR and Practice Management for Universities Learn from an EHR … free for education! At drchrono we are offering the platform for free to universities for education and learning purposes. Professors, faculty and students can get access to drchrono for free! So if you’re a student training to become a nurse, a resident at a hospital or a student who is thinking about coming a physician in university sign up! For Professors As a professor, you can sign up for drchrono and create staff accounts […]

Healthcare Challenge – Open Source EHR Apps

Healthcare Challenge – Open Source EHR Apps With all of the different APIs that are coming out I haven’t seen a medical records company but drchrono that uses OAuth in a production environment and an elegant Restful API. We are also a company that really embraces innovation and would love to see the Open Source community look at what we have created and leverage our EHR to create Open Source healthcare case study apps and […]

Wearable Conference, Health and Medical Records

  Last week I had the honor of talking at the Wearable Tech Conference. It was great fun talking about where medical records will be in in the future. I go into a deep dive of session into some of the methodology around how we create what we create at drchrono and why we create what we create. I asked the audience who had a smart phone, just about everyone at the conference raised their […]

Healthcare EHR API Q&A

  A developer reached out to ask a few questions about our healthcare API, this is the email – Daniel, Thank you for personally working on granting me access to drChrono API. Here are a few observations 1. The inclusion of the YouTube Video and the steps are a great help. 2. It appears that there are only 2 apps (AppVisit and BetterDoctor) are using the API. Its not clear how many apps actually use […]

Exporting / Importing Data from an EHR Using CCDA

Sometime when transitioning to drchrono from another vendor you will need to export your data. There are a few ways that you can do this. One of the newer ways you can do this is by asking your other vendor to export the patients medical records via CCDA, you might even be able to do this on your own if it is an option in the EHR. Once you get this data, let your implementation […]

Medical Billing 101 – How to Post an EOB and Payment

There is a lot you can do within the drchrono platform. One of the most powerful components in drchrono is the medical billing software. This is a quick 5 minute training read on how to add an EOB and post an insurance payment manually. First watch this 1 minute and 30 second video Gail did from the customer success team, I recommend watching the video a few times to really get it – Ok, now […]

iPad & iPhone EHR Medical Records Apple Touch ID

  Apple now introduced the biometric “Touch ID” onto the new iPad, latest iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3.  Touch ID is also on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. What is Touch ID? Touch ID is a little biometric finger print reader on the new iOS devices: iPad Air 2 iPad Mini 3 iPhone 5S iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus With Touch ID, you can now do more with just […]

Top 10 Must Haves for the Modern Doctor

Doctors have an abundance of patient-facing software and hardware solutions; while the variety is welcomed, it is sometimes hard to figure out what is best for one’s practice. As the Co-Founder of an EHR company, I’ve come across a series of modern practice set-ups and have found some similarities in the toolkits or “black bags” of some of the most efficiently run medical offices. Based on my meetings with hundreds of physicians, here’s some tips […]

EHR API Update

We have made an update to the drchrono API, more interesting data that can be leveraged with our EHR API! To view the updated EHR API documentation you can go here, the docs are public. One thing to note – transaction records are read-only. Below are the fields that are now accessible – `appointment` | integer | appointment id `doctor` | integer | doctor id `doctor_name` | string | doctor name `billing_status` | string | […]