drchrono just changed everything again, launching the first fully featured iPhone EHR

Full EHR functionality and documentation now available for the first time on iPhone Mountain View, CA — December 17, 2015 —  drchrono, the EHR on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and web for physicians and their patients, announced today the launch of its iPhone EHR with full clinical documentation functionally. Before today, drchrono allowed a physician to take all of their paper medical forms and put them onto iPad and web, to do rounds and document […]

Medical Billing & Business Intelligence. On iPad.

The future of medical billing & business intelligence. On iPad. Get it here. Learn more about our medical billing and business intelligence on iPad works on the video below.

EHR Urgent Care API Partner NextPatient

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with NextPatient. NextPatient’s free tools integrate with drchrono through the API and allow doctors to show their wait times and open appointments right on the front page of their websites. This is perfect for Urgent Care Clinics. The team is willing to put the times right on your website for free! This is an example of what they can put on your site: NextPatient was recently in this […]

Clinical EHR Medical Records iFrame API

Janet Wager from Programmable Web wrote a great article talking about the launch of our Clinical EHR Medical Records iFrame API. To give you a bit more light on how the “Clinical iFrame API” works I listed a bunch of examples right below. One example, we now can place‘s new DICOM viewer right into the medical record via an iFrame: Also within the physicians inbox, a message can be placed from another developer via an […]

Announcing CrowdMed Partnership with drchrono via Medical API

by Jared Heyman CrowdMed Founder & CEO I started CrowdMed in 2012 to harness “the wisdom of crowds” to solve even the world’s most difficult medical cases online. This mission is near to my heart, because my own sister spent 3 years with a chronic, undiagnosed medical condition that nearly killed her. I saw first-hand the inadequacies that exist in today’s medical system when it comes to helping patients with undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or underdiagnosed medical […]

Learn how to convert from ICD-9 to ICD-10

    Learn how to convert from ICD-9 to ICD-10.   At drchrono we want to make the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 as seamless as possible. We have enhanced the medical platform with a free conversion tool that allows you to update ICD codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10 with ease. The coverter tool can be found in our iPad EHR and our Web platform. You can keep past appointments coded in ICD-9 or you […]

EHR Medical Records API App Marketplace Approval Process

EHR Medical Records API App Marketplace Approval Process We get this question from a number of developers trying to leverage our medical API. Can developers use the API to insert any app into a medical record or only apps from the drchrono marketplace? For example, can a developer use the API to insert Microsoft OneNote notes into drchrono EHR medical records. To submit an app to the drchrono app marketplace, the developer would build the app […]

Paper vs Electronic Medical Records

Paper records require additional personnel to handle and support paper files and to organize countless documents. An electronic medical record platform requires less personnel, time and no physical storage space. Although physicians may experience some initial costs as they implement electronic medical records, the costs of records over time will decrease significantly. Medical practices store paper medical records in large warehouses that are filled with paper. These paper records take up space and are less […]

Top 7 Healthcare, Fitness and Medical APIs & SDKs

Top 7 Healthcare, Fitness and Medical API’s & SDK’s There are a lot of innovative things happening in around healthcare, wearables, new insurance companies, ACOs, amazing new software and hardware; All with the goal of having a better healthcare experience. The healthcare system in the United States and around the world can be better. At drchrono we care about making the technology fade into the background so patients and physicians can focus on what is […]

Medical / Healthcare RESTful API – OAuth Single Sign-On

  Physician Single Sign-On In the United States, there are trillions of medical records transfers annually in diverse data formats from HL7, Direct Messaging, Blue Button, DiX12, NCPDP, CCD, CCDR and the list goes on. We are focusing on building a modern infrastructure for healthcare. There are also thousands of developers, companies and startups creating hardware focused on healthcare IoTs and software for medical practices. Today I wanted to focus on one topic, the single sign-on. Developers can leverage our […]